Pac 12 vs. SEC Non-Conference Future Match Ups

I keep hearing on here and elsewhere how “X Conference doesn’t schedule anyone.” It’s interesting though because of the SEC vs. Pac 12 games coming up. The only SEC teams currently without a Pac 12 game are South Carolina, Tennessee & Kentucky. The interesting thing Washington and Washington State could match up with the two remaining schools. It seems the future of P5 will be playing against each other. Oddly, Alabama is scheduling more B1G games.

Arizona: vs Mississippi State 2022, at Mississippi State 2023
Arizona State: vs. Mississippi State 2024, at Mississippi State 2025, at Texas A&M 2026, vs. Texas A&M 2027, vs. Florida 2028, at LSU 2029, vs. LSU 2030, at Florida 2031
Cal: vs. Auburn 2023, at Auburn 2024
Colorado: at Texas A&M 2020, vs. Texas A&M, at Florida 2028, vs. Florida 2029, at Missouri 2030
Oregon: vs. Georgia in Atlanta 2022
Oregon State: at Ole Miss 2027, vs. Ole Miss 2030
Stanford: at Vanderbilt 2021, vs. Vanderbilt 2027, vs. Vanderbilt 2032, at Vanderbilt 2033
UCLA: vs. LSU 2021, at LSU 2024, vs. Georgia 2025, at Georgia 2026, vs. Auburn 2027, at Auburn 2028
USC: vs. Alabama in Arlington, Tx 2020
Utah: at Florida 2022, vs. Florida 2023, vs. Arkansas 2026, at Arkansas 2028
Washington: None.
Washington State: None