PAC 12 stupidity

Is there anyway possible to get someone to lead the PAC conference that can figure out that the east coast and all points east of California don’t watch the late games that they keep scheduling?

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There are conflicts between what is good for the conference, and what specific teams want. Teams want to schedule for success - re: not conference success, but their wins and losses. So, pretty much all teams do not want games that start super early. Fans do not want to show up for breakfast at the stadium. Teams are not used to playing that early, etc.

Some teams, like ASU and the UofA, have temperature issues, where opponents do not want late morning or mid-day games because is is just too freaking hot. I know ASU is generally OK with these time slots, but if you are Oregon, and are used to practicing in 70 degree weather, do you really want to show up and play in 100+ degree temps? We see 1:00 p.m. starts for some games, but even in late fall, it can still be hot as hell. I think both ASU and the UA would welcome SC or Utah coming into their stadium with the temp going over 100’, but I don’t think the feeling is mutual.

Also, I know here, folks just like the night games. It is traditional. I am thinking games that start in Utah at 8:00 a.m., might not be a huge draw if it is 25’ outside… And yes, I am sure it would work better for a late morning start, but then you have to go up against SEC and BIG, and BIG12 games. Fans east of Utah are going to watch their own conference games, so ESPN is not going to want to air a PAC12 game when it could take a SEC game instead.

So, the issue is much more complicated than it looks. Probably what needs to happen is that each week one game for the conference could be a 9:00 a.m. start. But that game is going have to be a game involving national interest so that the networks will want to put up against the SEC and BIG teams.


I really like the night games, especially in September and the first half of October. Tailgates are a blast for night games.

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You think it is the PAC 12 that schedules those games at those times and not the television networks?

That is a good question. I know a number of years back, after a series of really hot day games, the ASU athletic department stated that they were not going to subject their fans to sitting in a boiling hot stadium and they were going to set night games as the default. We really do not see day games unless it is later in the year.

Now, if the TV folks came to them and wanted them to go earlier, I am not sure how much choice they would have. But, I think home teams probably have the ability to set their time, with TV maybe changing it depending upon how they prioritize the game. I have seen that, where the announced time is 7:00 p.m., and then because the game gets prioritized, they change the time to a day game.

Some teams default to day games. UCLA and SC often have day games. Utah has a lot more than we have, and you guys have nice day temps. UofA and ASU are almost always night games and I have to assume that is because the athletic departments set those times.

And I think for the most part, the PAC12 they probably don’t have a problem with it. The night games almost always end up being ASU and UA. One starts at 7:00 p.m., and often the other goes a bit later.
Like I said, nobody wants to come to AZ and play mid day in September and October. Even a 7:00 p.m. start in September can be brutal for a team that is not used to the heat. In Phx, in September, it is not uncommon for the temps to be above 100’ well into the evening. Tucson temps are more moderate than Phx for sure, but still can hot. A lot of games have been won by the home team in the 3rd and 4th quarters in the southwest…

The time slot that sucks is the late 8:30 - 9:00 p.m. start.

Day games in Salt Lake in September are hot.

Night games in November are frigid.

The athletic department are responsible for zero start times. They’re all set by TV, they do lobby for what is best.

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One thing is certain, the PAC 12 “After Dark” (AKA “Midnight Football” on the East Coast) product is getting no national eyes on it. The 7:30pm/8:30pm kickoff is 10:30pm back east. Over the last several years, We have had a third of our weekly conference schedule lining up late. You can’t have a third of your weekly conference schedule playing in the middle of the night and hope to get national consideration of your champion during the CFP selection. This is where the PAC 12 is now.

Having a 10:00 am kickoff on a major network, or an early of mid afternoon kickoff on P12N isn’t a problem, especially if it allows our schools to be seen on the east coast. We play good football, we just need the nation to see it.

That is a problem because hardly anyone has the PAC12 Network. And those on the east coast are going to watch the ACC, Big 10, or SEC games at that time.

Give me the night games anytime, especially in September and early October.

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Noted before September and early Octobers games played on a balmy autumn evening are far better than playing in the blazing sun and November games played on a sunny crisp afternoon (why my seats are on the east side) are far better than playing in the cold after the sun goes down.

But invariably our first few games tend to be in the afternoon and later games are at night.

But just happy and grateful it appears we will likely be able to attend games this upcoming season in an expanded stadium with a closed south end zone.

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