Pac-12 should rename itself soon

We could use with a refresh. Not sure what to suggest, Golden West Conference, perhaps?

Merge with the ACC and become then Long ■■■ Flight conference ?

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I vote for PAC, no number. At least with that name, there is some sort of historical connection and context for most people. Renaming/rebranding will, in my view, let the league become too easily confused with the WACs, WCCs, and MWCs of the country, particularly for anyone on the East Coast.


There won’t be a Pac-12 anymore. But the brand will still exist and be owned by Washington State and Oregon State. If they join the Mountain West, they could just take the Pac-12 brand name with them and call their new conference the “Pac-Mountain Conference” or something. If the Pac-Mountain Champ is ranked highly enough, they’ll almost be guaranteed a playoff spot every year because the dissolution of the former Pac-12 guarantees TWO G5 champions CFP berths every year. Likely the Pac-Mountain Champ and the AAC Champ.