PAC 12 power ratings (week 1)

  1. UCLA - They are more physical on both sides of the ball with a lot of playmakers. They have proven to me that it is a 4 horse race in the South.
  2. USC - Started slow, but handled a decent MWC team.
  3. Oregon - Not very impressed, but Fresno is pretty good.
    4,5,6. Utah, ASU, CU - Nothing much to take away from wins over FCS opponents. Nobody distinguished themselves.
  4. Oregon St. - Showed some flashes on the road against Big10 Purdue
  5. Arizona - Played better than I thought they would. They have some weapons on offense.
  6. Stanford - looked terrible - but didn’t lose at home.
    10,11. Cal, Wazzu.
  7. UW.

UW will deservedly free-fall out of top 25 into the Bottom 10. UCLA will jump in and should jump in over both Utah and ASU. USC will not move. Oregon might drop a spot.

I think he’s right. I watched parts of Louisville vs Ole Miss last night. It would be great to fill Labor day with pac-12 games - either Alliance games or conference games.


This list is always fun to think about. I’m not sure where the numbers come from…some ESPN algorithm.

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Bill Connelly does a great job with it. His numbers had UCLA beating LSU. it was wrong however on Wisconsin, UNC and Clemson.

According to this, we will play 12.2 games this year. I am wondering who we will play the extra 12 minutes against…