Pac-12 Only Schedule

I saw a tweet that A game with Oregon is in the works in SLC. I think all teams are going to add an additional crossover to get to 5 home 5 road games.

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Of course, I’m getting more pessimistic on there being a season at all.

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Wyoming’s response to Utah going to a PAC-12 Only Schedule

(OK, not really. I just like getting to run this picture out again. As much as KW tried to gloss the ■■■■ over, that onside kick was a bush-league move when we had the Cowboys totally trashed)

We'ren't we up like 50-0?

Looks like Oregon vs Utah on Sep 12?

I could deal with that.

Also, in that feed, Jordan Wilmore looks ripped, not the talented kid with a little pooch gut from last year.

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If this is true, it puts Oregon at 4 home games and 6 road. Im guessing the entire conference schedule is up in the air, because everyone will need 5 home and 5 away.

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The only way to play 5 home games and 5 away games would be to completely revamp the schedule for EVERY SINGLE SCHOOL. It’s actually IMPOSSIBLE to only add one team to each opponent’s schedule because the annual schedule rotation the Pac-12 uses prevents it. I know because I painstakingly worked all of this out earlier. The only way to add additional conference games to each team’s schedule would be to add TWO games, which would actually be a full round-robin schedule. The pairings for each team would be as follows:

Utah: vs. Stanford and @ Oregon
Colorado: vs. California and @ Oregon State
Arizona: vs. Washington State and @ California
ASU: vs. Washington and @ Stanford
UCLA: vs. Oregon and @ Washington
USC: vs. Oregon State and @ Washington State
California: vs. Arizona and @ Colorado
Stanford: vs. ASU and @ Utah
Oregon: vs. Utah and @ UCLA
Oregon State: vs. Colorado and @ USC
Washington: vs. UCLA and @ ASU
Washington State: vs. USC and @ Arizona

That would give half of the schools 6 conference home games while the other half would only get 5. Maybe the Pac-12 could make its conference-only schedule less strict and allow each school to play ONE non-conference game, which would allow the schools with only 5 conference home games to schedule an additional home game against a non-conf opponent (like BYU or Montana State in Utah’s case), thus balancing their schedules to 6 home and 6 away games. That would be far more feasible, as the league would only need to worry about the outside logistics of non-league play (and Covid control) for ONE WEEK. Seems reasonable to me, but I’m just a simple man with simple desires.