Pac-12 Only Schedule

Hello Ute friends! My first post here but wanted to say A) if the Pac goes to an all conference schedule my hope is we get an Oregon v Utah rematch. B) thoughts on whether that would be in SLC or Eug?

How is your team looking this year? I heard you’re young. I do think you’re easily built for a 6-6 year no matter what even given youth, just play style wise. I’m a Duck till I die but I always root for Utah and look forward to our games. Utah seems a more natural fit in the North but we at least need one good football team to beat up on the South.

Anyways, much love to you all, here’s hoping we get Utes v Ducks this year!

Go Ducks & Go Utes!

Should also clarify, i’m not predicting you to go 6-6 but given your playstyle, I think any given year Utes bottom is 6-6 if it’s a rebuilding year. No matter what, Utah always comes out to hit us in mouth and I appreciate that. At least in “Duck-dom” we have mad respect for Utes football and it’s always an anxiety game on the schedule, especially when it’s in SLC


Welcome to UF.N. I’m not sure how we look for the year. Defensively, yes we lost a bunch, I expect it to be good like always. Offensively, losing Zach Moss, and Tyler Huntley hurt us. Yet with Covey returning, and 2 transfers going for our QB spot it could be interesting. IMO it looks like another year of the defense carrying the team.

@Ma-ake can probably give a much better read on the football team. I like his write ups. He makes really good points, and really knows his stuff. Hopefully he can give you better insight than I can.

Again, welcome to UF.N. Have fun here. It’s always good to have more people from other fanbases come in and have fun. We just ask that you be civil, disagree with us all you like, just be civil.

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Yes, welcome Duckster!

It’s amazingly refreshing to be talking about football, like it might actually happen, in some form!

This year has been an insane year, overall, and we would likewise be incoherent to think we’ll just line up a football schedule and play it, like things are normal.

But I think getting some live PAC football on TV sets around our great league is possible.

  • Testing, re-testing, players isolating, plenty of guidelines for staff & everyone around the teams. Asking players to socially distance from others is a huge wildcard, but with your team’s fortunes on the lines, I think they’ll get some compliance.

  • Strict criteria for clean hotels, charter jets, bus transportation, food vendors following guidelines.

  • Everyone involved in officiating, telecasts, all the folks involved in putting on a TV game - testing, some re-testing.

I can’t wrap my head around having a normal stadium full of fans, unless everyone was wearing N95 masks, which would be a major medical equipment PR disaster.

As long as the idea is alive, I’ll start looking at the roster. The massive wildcard is when players are ruled out for 2-3 weeks. Which players? When did they come down with it? Who else? Will games have to be cancelled?

I can confidently predict fewer huddles!

Still more questions than answers, but this is a lot more fun to think about than just about everything else happening, except all the outdoor stuff we get to do.

You guys are awesome! I’ll always be civil of course, true duck fans are humble given our humble past. Most loud mouth Duck fans weren’t around pre Harrington years sitting in the stands through torrential downpours rooting for our perennial 4-8 team (Mostly bandwagoners who didn’t go to U of O). Oregon has only been “a thing” for about 15 years after an infusion of uncle phil’s Nike cash, yet we don’t have a natty so… anywho, glad to talk ball with great fans from a fellow P12 school. Send any Oregon questions my way as i’m vested in all things Ducks.


Howdy Duckster15. Like the long time Duck fans, I and many others stayed Utah fans through some really rough stretches (went 2-19 against a particular team not to be mentioned at one point) which helps us appreciate the success we’ve had in later times. I do see some younger fans in our own fan base that could use a bit of humility. Great to be proud when you’re winning, but need to keep it in perspective and remember what it’s like to lose some of the time.

I too just hope we get some sort of football (and other college sports) soon, but have to be patient until it can be done safely.

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Looks like this is a done deal, assuming we actually have a football season at all.


Been expecting this news of conference only games since Wed or so.

Hope it still means that we have a football season, well, any collegiate sports at all this academic year.


Too bad it happened this year. I was looking forward to the Laramie road trip.

I hope - but without much faith - that football gets its act together to form a central government that includes schedule creation. That AD’s are still out there making phone calls to schedule games 10 years out is beyond dumb.

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Ha, I live in Colorado, so it would have been just a two hour drive for me.

It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out. Utah has 4 PAC home games and 5 PAC away games currently on the schedule and is not scheduled to play either Stanford or Oregon. If they add another game, both Stanford and Oregon are also scheduled to play only 4 home PAC 12 games.

Laramie…the only place I have ever been in mid-September where I experienced all four seasons in a seven hour time span, and a wind storm that makes tropical depressions seem like a gentle summer breeze.

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Out of curiosity, what makes you think the defense will carry the offense this year? We have far more offensive production returning than defensive production. Yes we lose moss and Huntley, but I don’t think we will see a drop off from Huntley in terms of pass yardage production. I also think our backs collectively will be better than the group as a whole was last year. The offensive line should take a big step forward, which will make our backfield look better, as well as our QB. Then there is our receivers… I’ve never been more excited about our receivers. Covey and kuithe are going to do some amazing things. Just not having simpkins out there as the worlds worst crutch will be a good thing. He was the worst of the receivers that played but got a lot of targets simply due to his friendship with the QB.

If I didn’t have so much faith in Whitt I would be far more worried about our defense tbh.

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My thoughts come from Whit as a defensive coach. His history even with no marquee guys on defense has been good. Whereas, offensively we’ve been sporadic at best under Whit. Now with Ludwig here, in a 2nd year, and his history elsewhere that may change. But until we see something on the field, I’m leaning toward the defense being the strength of the team based upon Whit’s defensive history. Yes, I know Scalley is the D-coordinator and Whit is coaching special teams, but Scalley can always lean on Whit for ideas and schemes, especially considering the year Scalley has had.

I get not being worried about the defense, but I see no reason to assume that the offense won’t be pretty good.

I hope that you are correct. It’d be nice to see the offense be the strength of the team.

I’m not claiming they’ll be the strength, just that I think this isn’t the year for the defense to carry the offense.

I still hope that you are correct. It’d be nice to not have to rely upon the defense all season long. Last season’s offense was fun to watch, at least against lesser teams. Getting worked by Oregon and Texas, and the loss to USC was frustrating. Especially Oregon and Texas. Those could’ve been blamed on the defense (didn’t stop them), but the offense certainly didn’t help the cause. I hope that the offense can step up in the big games.


Wyoming’s response to Utah going to a PAC-12 Only Schedule

(OK, not really. I just like getting to run this picture out again. As much as KW tried to gloss the ■■■■ over, that onside kick was a bush-league move when we had the Cowboys totally trashed)