Pac-12 officiating blunder is a symptom - from

It’s the little things that show that the big mistakes are systemic. Time for a new management team at the conference office (which shouldn’t be in the bay area anyhow).

These types of mistakes drive me batty. I’m an official in a different sport, you all can probably figure out what sport, regardless the basics are the same. The basics are: athlete safety, THEN rule enforcement. You still need to know the rules, or at least be able to look them up quickly when in doubt. There is some wiggle room for interpretation, but enforcing the rule to the wrong party, is a blatant no no.

Officials should never be part of the story, and our PAC12 officials make themselves part of the story much too often. As stated, this is a symptom. It’s a symptom of incompetence from up high. It is a systemic problem at the PAC12 offices. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. As much as we like to bag on the SEC for it’s football scheduling, their officials are really good. It’s time for the PAC12 officials, and our conference offices to learn from the gold standard, the SEC.

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According to that article the refs called a penalty on the wrong team resulting in a 57 yard swing in position.

Anyone else remember a game against San Diego State when there was a fumble? The usual scrum of players pile on, a Ute player stands up with the ball in his hands looking right at a ref. The refs are cluelessly looking down at the pile of players then one of them signals SDSU ball, when the Ute player is standing there, holding the football.

Yeah, the PAC refs are that bad though.

But, unfortunately, we’ll be having the same conversation 365 days from now… :frowning:

I am THRILLED, that our current commissioner gave PACMAS to all of Ute fandom, but nearly a decade later, I’m wondering (as are others) how long we can keep thanking him while overlooking the current disaster.

Go UTES! Win the rest of the season, and the conference championship. And if the refs try to steal something from you, do what Whitt (and all GOOD coaches do), remind the team that the only alternative is to beat the opposition AND the officials.

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Canzano is a first-rate reporter. This paragraph reminded me why, although I’m grateful to Larry Scott, I think his sell-by date has passed:

If you’re weary with Scott’s act, you have to be wondering how much longer the Pac-12 is stuck with him as commissioner. There’s been healthy turnover in the Pac-12 CEO Group – the university presidents and chancellors. While Scott was exactly what the conference needed a decade ago, his bosses know the landscape has massively shifted. The Pac-12 is light years behind its peers in revenue and result. Scott makes $5.3 million annually. His contract is up in 2022. He’s spent a lot of time talking about the conference’s media right’s deal, up in 2024. If Scott is great at anything, it’s self preservation. He’s lined those events up nicely, hasn’t he?


LAUte, you should apply for the job.

I don’t want to live in the Bay Area. :sunglasses:

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See, but that’s the thing, moving it to SoCal would save the conference a lot of money.

I’m thinking Santa Barbara.

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What is the status of the Reagan Ranch? Available?

Not close enough to the ocean.

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