PAC-12 Network fires Mike Yam

Network financial problems.

It’s a shame. I thought he was pretty good.

That sucks! I really liked him! Man!


I guess they had to cut some people because their advertising revenue has probably cratered.

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Start will Bill Walton


he was the best personality on that network IMO.

Ironically he was hosting Sirius XM’s PAC-12 channel last night. They interviewed ASU and WSU’s AD as well as new Colorado coach Karl Dorrell. All 3 were solidly behind the PAC-12’s decision. They made a convincing argument that shutting down was the correct course of action.


He and Yogi Roth were great together.

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I guess they are trimming down the network for a fire sale, though now I am confused.

Is it possible to sell a dumpster fire with a fire sale??? It seems a little redundant, like lining the cat box with the National Enquirer, then wondering why the cat won’t go there. #PointstoPonder