Pac-12 network access

Hi. So i don’t have cable and live in southeast Virginia. I looked into finding pac-12 network a couple of years ago, decided it wasn’t going to work and gave up. Has it gotten any better? I would like to watch as many Ute football games as possible, don’t care much about the rest of cable (I guess I’d like it to be cheap). Online streaming could work, anyone use the online options (like fubo?)?

Nice site you got here, good to see some familiar names from the good old days of UFN.

Is there a chat? Do I need to be a donor?

Typically someone posts a link to ustream here so look for it game day.

The threads actually work much like chat, so we opted to do away with the somewhat buggy chat feature we had and just discuss in thread (it’ll populate new posts without refreshing like chat).

Great to have you back!

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Does Sling TV still carry PAC 12 Network? That used to be a good option. I have Xfinity so I get everything anyway.

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Sling doesn’t carry PAC12, I wish. When the game isn’t in ESPN I usually watch via the Ustream provided by a generous Ute fan on Utefans, usually up about an hour before the game. I’ll be using that tomorrow.


I haven’t done it yet this year, but if you buy the sports package you can get the Pac !2 Network through it… but it is an add’l $10/mo.

In fact, just confirmed, it is in the sports package, go to this page and then click on “view all 10 channels”…


Slingtv has it under their sports package. You can turn it on/off and don’t have to stay subbed forever. I’m reactivating ours tomorrow. I live a bit south of you near the US-64/I-95 junction. As long as you can stream, Slingtv is decent.

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Sling and FuboTV have Pac12 network. I went with FuboTV to get some additional channels…planning on ODing on college football this weekend.


I remember sixpack… welcome back.


Good to see so many familiar names, and thanks. I’ve been lurking for awhile…life has gotten too busy.

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I’m having success with Sling. Even with the added sports package, it looked cheaper than anything else I could find. Good luck!

Also, big thanks to those who stream on Ustream and elsewhere!

I have YoutubeTV and just signed up for Sling. Along with what others have said, the deal right now is that you can sign up for Sling TV “Orange” and your first month is $10. Add the Sports Extra package and get all the other Pac channels and I paid $21 for the first month. It also was free to add the extra DVR space (200 hours). I just used the link for Sling TV directly off of the PAC website, created a login, and everything was pre-selected for me:

SlingTV doesn’t seem too bad, it took me a second to get used to their interface, but I’m glad I finally have all the PAC channels. You can’t set it to auto-record your favorite team’s games like on YouTubeTV, but I set it to auto-record all college football games and that seems to work well enough.

For those with a streaming service already, Sling is probably the way to go. I went FuboTV so I could get ESPN, SEC and other sports channels. Plus it comes with 250hours cloud dvr that’s upgradable to 1000h. You can also select teams to record. Plus I went for a more expensive service to allow viewing on more than 3 devices at once.

I just use my parents xfinity feed for pac12 network games. stream it from my phone to the tv. what a time to live in.

Any chance you can share your parent’s Xfinity feed? Asking for a friend.

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I pick up all of the Pac channels on Sling

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VidGo might be worth checking out.
$55/month - $10 for the first month
includes Pac-12 Networks, ESPN, ESPN2, FS1, FS2, NFL Network, NFL Redzone plus some other conference sports channels.
ABC and FOX in select markets.
I’ll probably give it a try when my fubo trial runs out.

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