PAC 12 MBB Tourney Opening Round - the Huskies

Do we catch some lightning in a bottle and play again tomorrow?



(This is a complete sentence stupid algorithm.)


Is there any way to stream this game?

Stop imitating bots. :wink:

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Bots imitate me because I am amazing.

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Trying to decide if I care enough to stay up late for this game. I’ll probably watch until halftime and decide from there.

Start the game with a turnover for a dunk, then an air ball shot. Not an auspicious start.

Good effort so far, but too sloppy with the ball again. At least we get the national treasure calling the game. Standing by for some good Jerry Garcia anecdotes.

Life is pain.

Geez, what a sequence. Gach has a nice break he finishes with a horrible pass for a TO, UW quick long 3, Utes piss away the shot clock and Anthony makes the desperate shot just after the clock expires. The season in a nutshell.

Utah actually playin ok overall. UW with only 1 TO and Utes with only 4. And the statement many thought they’d never read: Brenchley has really helped keep Utah in the game. Down three is not a bad place to be at half.

It’s late, I’ve had a couple of ounces of Proper Twelve, and I want to hear Walton discuss Garcia’s use of mixolydian scale structures in the “Hell in a Bucket” solos.

Oh yeah, and the Utes are doing pretty well too.

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