PAC 12 games week 9

We all know too well, that a big lead in the first half means nothing, but WSU is leading AT ASU, 21-0. PAC 12 cannibalizing itself again.

Oh, and, Colorado is turrible…

ASU is a mess, having all sorts of problems with Washington St. Down 21-0 and just fumbled again


ASU is having a devil of a time. Bwahahaha!


Could not happen to a nicer group!


Yeah, REALLY dislike the scumdevils.


Good. And I hope Daniels goes pro and drops to the lower rounds.

We really need the UCLA win - it would knock them down to 3 conf losses and with ASU losing (hopefully), they will have 2 losses and we still have the tiebreaker (if we can’t get by Oregon - we are actually 50.6% FPI favorites, likely because we are home team). If we take care of business, easy to see us 8-4 (7-2) playing Oregon/Oregon St. winner (again) in the PAC12 Championship.


If ASU plays a homecoming game with a division championship at stake, does anyone bother to show up?


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not sure Herm was going to survive after this season anyway, but this makes it a little easier.


ASU loses to WSU 21-34, I certainly did not see that coming. That in combination with the win I expect tonight, puts Utah in a great place. GO UTES!

Colorado made it a little bit respectable with a 29-52 loss at Oregon.


Cal doing to Ore St, what we should have done.

Arizona is is turrible…

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The PAC12 knows how to cannibalize itself.

Makes last week’s loss hurt more, because Cal isn’t good.

Wow. Ore St. did not get their rush game going. Maybe because they were playing from behind, but Cal scored 2 late TD to put them away. Now only Utah and Oregon control their own destiny

don’t look now but AZ within 7 pts of USC!