PAC 12 championship game thread

Washington OL are wearing shorts?

These Big Ten schools look pretty good.

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They are all wearing shorts. Whatever happened to knee pads?

there must have been pregame fireworks, looks smokey in there

although it is Vegas


The left tackle, #55, is sporting the throwback midriff jersey as well.


My mom is at this game.

What number is she?


Nice to see Caleb Williams made the Pac 12 Championship commercial break. Couldn’t read his nails.

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That’s the Old Bo Nix. Uh oh for the Ducks.

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7 and a half minute field goal drive? Welcome to the Big Ten, Washington.

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It past years, Nix always had at least one “bad Bo” game where he looks lost, makes bad decisions, and throws picks. He hasn’t had one yet this year…maybe it’s tonight.

Washington’s calling a really good game, playing short to neutralize Oregon’s pressure.

Not the start I expected, with as dominant Oregon has looked and as shaky as the Huskies have been.


Could see that TD would be clear sailing before the ball was pitched. Washington with a nice gameplan so far.

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NIL coming through for the best 4 win team in the nation.

She’s a long snapper.


Loved it when those games were against Alabama.

I really like watching Bucky Irving.

“School’s Out For Summer” after every play is getting annoying.


Am I the only one that hates Oregon’s numbers? They look all crooked and backward.


will Oregon kick the field goal? Lanning probably is tweaking wanting to go for it

Just realized. This is the last game Pac-12 refs will exist.