Pac-12 Championship Appearance / Win Statistics

With the Pac-12 having been in existence for just over a decade, I though it would be interesting to see how all the teams in our conference compare when it comes to getting to, and winning, the conference.

Here are the number of appearances each team has had in the CCG in the past 11 seasons:

Oregon - 5
Stanford - 4
USC - 3
Utah - 3
Washington - 2
UCLA - 2
Arizona - 1
Arizona State - 1
Colorado - 1
California - 0
Oregon State - 0
Washington State - 0

Oregon and Stanford have clearly dominated the North when it comes to CCG appearances, the next closest being Washington with half as many appearances as Stanford. Washington would have one additional CCG appearance from 2020, but Oregon took their place due to COVID issues. Outside of these three, no other North team has made it to the CCG.

The South is a little more even with each team having made the CCG at least once but only two having actually won; USC and Utah. USC and Utah also lead in number of CCG appearances, three each, followed by UCLA with two. USC would have had one additional CCG appearance and UCLA one fewer if not for post-season sanctions imposed on USC in 2011.

The North clearly has dominated the CCG with nine wins in the eleven title games that have been played, but seems top-heavy as half of the division has never reached the title game. Oregon, Stanford and Washington are leading the North by a very large margin.

The South hasn’t come out on top in the CCG nearly as often as the North but all teams in the division have made an appearance, albeit two programs do appear to be separating themselves from the rest; USC and Utah.

With the coaching carousel this season we may see a shift in these trends but in regards to Utah I would say I’m pretty damn impressed by what Whittingham and Co. have accomplished in a little over a decade and the Utes are in a premiere spot in the conference to keep improving and making a name for themselves nationally.

Yep. One correction though. There have been 11 PAC12 CCG. 9 won by the North (UO 4, Stan 3, UW 2). 2011 was the first year and with 2021, it’s actually 11 years the current conference has existed.

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Yes, math is hard. Corrected! Thanks!