PAC 12 Basketball Coaches

Coach Seasons/NCAA Tourney Wins
Larry K 11/4
M Cronin 17/5
T Boyle 15/1
B Hurley 8/0
M Fox 16/2
W Tinkle 15/0
J Haase 9/0
A Einfeld 11/3
M Hopkins 4/0
K Smith 11/0

Dana Altman and Sean Miller are terrible people.

So only Cronin has more tourney wins than Larry K, by just one, and Cronin has had six more seasons.

It’s pretty clear Larry K is one of the best coaches in our league.

IMO this is more of an indictment on the quality of the PAC coaches than anything else. All those seasons coaching and only 15 NCAA wins between those listed?

OK, so LK is one of the better PAC coaches, is that like being the smartest kid in the special ed class? How does this compare to the ACC, BIG, SEC for the same time period? The PAC has coaches with a lot of years in same program, why aren’t there more NCAA wins?


@Carolina_Cycling_Ute nails it. Also, excluding “terrible people” underscores this is a Moose troll attempt. Hmmm… what to do about an unruly moose?


As coaches or as recruiters? I’m curious on overall talent level within the Pac-12 compared to those other conferences. K3 may be a world class coach, but to win at the level of Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, Arizona, etc. the talent level has to match. I’m not ignoring that Utah beat Kentucky or was it Duke a few years ago. Just as in football, the best more talented kids are going to the same few programs. The one program that has been built from the ground up over a very long time period is Gonzaga. Compared to Utah, Gonzaga has been a super star.

At this point in time, aren’t they essentially the same thing? I suspect that the era of Majerus being able to coach up talent is long gone. Kids aren’t around long enough, nor are they willing, seemingly, to be coached up.

Perhaps I’m wrong, and there are long term kids who are willing to stick things out, and be coached up. Maybe it’s because we don’t have children of our own, that I watch other people’s kids and see that they want/need to be coddled and told how great they are at all times. Our neighbor kids can’t even play in the neighborhood without their parents watching them, out of fear one of them may fall down or something may happen.

I understand that it’s easy to be an armchair parent or authority figure, but how many kids can handle any adversity and grow from it?

We are in the PAC 12. We are not in the ACC. Why would I compare Larry’s resumé to ACC? Even when we were in the MWC and WAC we didn’t win the conference every year.

The fire Larry crowd has delusional expectations, we compete with UCLA, if we’re competitive with them, we are near ceiling. We are not Kentucky, never will be. But we could be Oregon State if we fire Larry

I’m not sure if you’re being obtuse, or are trolling. The PAC is the “conference of champions.” We shouldn’t be comparing ourselves to everyone else, they should be comparing themselves to us. But since our PAC has become a laughingstock in men’s BBall, perhaps we should look at best practices in other places. So that means we should be comparing ourselves to those who are doing better than us.

Duke doesn’t win the ACC every year, neither does UVA or UNC. Kentucky damned near wins the SEC every year, be even they lose to Florida or others once in awhile. The BIG is more homogeneous but their programs are consistently better than the PAC atm.

Is it delusional to want to win more often? Doubtful. If you want to love continuous mediocrity, be my guest. Just don’t expect everyone else to fall in line with you.

The entire West is not good at basketball. Sean Miller’s antics can’t even buy a Final Four.

Like I’ve said over and over, our ceiling is limited by the talent that’s around us, the recruiting base. I’ve shown you the difference between local high school talent the last several years, and what it was during the majerus, Archibald, and previous eras.

Larry is overachieving. Coaches in the west don’t win tourney games. Larry has. Remove Larry and I guarantee we don’t finish in the top third of the PAC 12 routinely.

That’s like being the prettiest waitress at Denny’s.


So you are saying we are the skinniest fat kid in the pool. The only way Wendy Peppercorn is coming over is if we fake an accident.

Larry has had plenty of time to “get his guys” and “build something”. We can see what that is . It is long stretches of not scoring. Losing to teams we shouldn’t . Transfers every year. People like me who used to be diehard fans who dont even know when the games are anymore.

Si Se Puede. Change. Yes we can. Its time.


Moose is too busy gargling things he shouldn’t to care about any other POV.

You’re not alone in not paying close enough attention to even know when games are on anymore. I unsubbed to anything that carries the PAC12 Networks outside of football season because the products has been so bad on the floor for so long.

What’s the other point of view? I said Larry is one of the best coaches in our league. Do people believe otherwise? Why? Are there facts or numbers that support this? I’ve eliminated tourney wins, which show Larry is one of the best. So don’t waste your time there.

You’re making excuses for mediocrity. So LK is one of the best in the PAC. As I asked earlier, isn’t that like being the smartest kid in the special ed class? At least in the WAC and MWC we could expect the team to be consistently good, and we could expect the team to make the tourney and advance, more often than not. No the team didn’t win the WAC or MWC every year, but it was at least competing to do so, unlike now. Now we’re unsure what to get from game to game, let alone season to season.

The solution to the Larry Haters’ problem is to go back to the MWC or WAC.

You brought them up, LONG before I did. I just used your example.