Pac-12 and the neverending propaganda campaign by Big 12 honks

Article: Colorado holds ‘substantive’ talks with Big 12 as Buffaloes consider leaving Pac-12

Just posting this here to see what people think…
Seems like a lot of bluster about nothing concrete as of yet…

It’s a whole lotta noise without substance.

Something to add to the pile of a PAC 12 lawsuit of the networks.

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It’s fake. Dodd and others have been regurgitating this same story for months, with just the slightest variations each time. The “sources” are all connected to the Big12 as opposed to the schools, and in some cases respectable media members have even bitten.

This whole thing has been a fascinating study of disinformation campaigns and the current state of media (and our society in general, for that matter).


Dodd has degenerated to a Big 12 troll. It’s sad. He’s the Rudy Giuliani of college football reporters. I’ve honestly wondered if he’s not well.


As others have stated, it’s Dennis Dodd. Don’t take him too seriously. He’s as pro “kill the PAC12” as you can get. Or the Big 12 equivalent of Dick Harmon. He’s been spewing this since U$C and fUCLA said that they were leaving.


The anti-climax is coming.

College football expansion: Colorado reacts to latest Big 12 rumors

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I’d like to see Colorado stay. I’d also like to see them (finally) upgrade their coaching staff (which I do not assume has happened yet).


Saw the headline, and immediately thought Dennis Dodd was at it again. Then I saw the link to SI. That gives is slightly more credence, but not by a ton.

I do think we, or more accurately, the Utah powers that be should do their due diligence as well. At this point I’m not convinced of the medium to long term viability of the PAC. Thankfully the expanded playoff is on the horizon.

Where I am with all of it at this point.


Anything is possible, of course.

But CU was in the original Big-8, then the expanded B-12 after the Southwestern conference fell apart, then they jumped to the PAC as other big name schools were bailing out of the Big-12: Nebraska, Missouri, Texas A&M and now Oklahoma and Texas.

Does CU really want to go back to a dramatically down-graded Big-12, especially when maybe the biggest chunk of their alumni and recruiting are in California? It would be a real head-scratcher, but the Front range has also been an intersection of the plains and the West, and by hiring Deion it seems they’re pretty hungry for a reset… but any kind of reset?

My hunch is this is the last of the click-bait speculation before people start really focusing on the upcoming season.


But, but, but B12 now has TDS, which has the entire world as its recruiting base. :joy:


Don’t forget the huge viewer base in China. And…don’t stop believing!!


They still have a fetching HD truck AND a billion+ fans in China.


I could have sworn there was an article about a month or two ago listing the schools that the B1G had looked into and Utah was on the list, along with UW, Stanford and Oregon.

My guess is CU looked into the B12 when the PAC TV deal was in limbo, and they would have been foolish not to. I would think Utah and the Arizona schools did as well, as a last option if the PAC falls apart. If the PAC loses two more schools to the B1G, the B12 would gladly take the four corner schools. To me it’s the schools in the PAC calling the shots with the B12, not the other way around.


I seem to recall the same or similar article about the BIG and Utah. Perhaps you and I are delusional and only remember some piece of fiction.


And P12N and network partners all broadcast in 4k. :joy::joy::joy:


I like the rename of this thread.

Yormark setup some big league karma coming his way by hiring the disinformation “consultants”.

In 2 years he’ll be facing some really uncomfortable questions coming from his own league about what to do about them.

“Commissioner Yormark - you’ve always been highly successful in sales. Have you thought about pointing out to them the advantages of being independent? That may be the best option, really, for everyone.”


when Yormack was hired, I was told something that I forgot about until I read you post. Somebody said that in his prior jobs, Yormack had 3 pr firms. The official one, the clandestine firm trashing the competition, and a third clandestine promoting Yormack. Said his first priority is always promoting himself. Said that he always ends up at odds with his employer, and predicted he would last 3 years as Big XII Commissioner. Maybe there is truth to it.


So you’re saying he and Larry Scott could work together in harmony then? Neither seem to be particularly good fiduciaries of company assets. Aside from our (PAC1x) irritation with them, does anyone on in CFB trust either one with their future or like them?

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Uhhh, there was tons of National media and even people inside the Pac12 like Jason Scheer, plus the “Locked on Buffs” and “Locked on Sun Devils” all stated that they all heard sources that Colorado might jump.

You can call this what you want, but reality shows it is not just a " Neverending propaganda campaign by Big 12 honks".