PAC-10/12 Football Coaches

Since the game was early today I got bumming around some of the other conference message boards while I was pretending to be interested in Cal/Wazzu. I noticed that at, the CU board, they are essentially screaming for Karl Dorrell to be fired. If he is, and assuming Whitt comes back next year, that will be 7 coaches for CU in the time that Coach Whitt has been our HC. It got me curious. Not counting Interim Coaches:

Colorado and Oregon have had 6 coaches since 2005
USC & the Washington schools have had 5 coaches
The Arizona schools & UCLA have had 4 coaches
Cal-Berkeley (that’s for you, Whitt), Oregon State & Stanford have had 3 head coaches

Utah’s had Kyle Whittingham.

I loved the way Wilner put it last year in an article about how hot each PAC-12 coach’s seat is:
Utah’s Kyle Whittingham
2021 record: 10-4
Noteworthy: Among active FBS coaches, only Iowa’s Kirk Ferentz (1999) has a longer tenure than Whittingham (2005)
Whittingham’s contract status: signed through 2027
Seat heat: Irrelevant (Whittingham doesn’t have a seat; he has a throne)