Our Offensive Line

Okay, I can’t take it anymore, I think this topic needs to be discussed by itself.

Watch them. How many of our offensive linemen are still engaged with a defender at the end of a play? None. It’s bad, worse than last year.

They’ve had some COVID issues. Okay so they’re bad at that too. Come on, this ridiculous. We had by far the most talented team in Utah history last year and didn’t win a championship because of the weak spot on O-line.

Almost every year, Whit talks about how good and experienced our o-line is – yet, almost every year, it’s the opposite.

Thank you! Harding has been a terrible coach. Everyone talked about how we finally have 10 good offensive linemen, it would be a strength of the team… then we get this ■■■■■■■■■ again, how many years in a row has the offensive line completely crippled our team?

It really is terrible. I wish Whitt had the balls to fire Harding, but he won’t. It just won’t happen.

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Even when we had Bolles, Asiata, Tevi, and Aiono who were all drafted by NFL teams…the pass blocking was below average.

We are not progressing at this position, we are getting worse every year and it’s obvious it will again be out weak spot.

Our defensive backfield has looked solid despite none of our starters having one single start between them.

Vonte Davis looked terrible in the minutes he had last year. Now he looks pretty good. Coaching.


Harding needs to go.

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I agree. I am generally on the fence about him. But it is time for him to go.


So Whittingham will fire offensive coordinators year after year after year but is afraid to fire a offensive line coach?!

I honestly believe Whittingham won’t fire Harding because Harding asked to be fired on a live nationally televised broadcast and Whittingham does not like to be told what to do, especially during a game on live television.

Well, I sure hope not, but why else would Harding still be around? It’s abundantly clear that his unit is the worst on the team nearly every year.

Who would you suggest replace Harding?

Since we have 3 frosh/NUGS linemen taking reps, and…COVID, I am not worried about our 2021 team.

The workout they got on Saturday will be more than some would’ve gotten under normal circumstances. Yeah next man up…but if the next man is so new he is still acclimating to the size and speed of the next level because they just got here, and…COVID, just happy to see them hit the field…for a week.


This right here. We had 3 Freshman playing offensive line because the others were sidelined/miss significant time with COVID stuff.

1st ever college football game against USC that’s a tall order there.

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So you’re asking fans to suggest replacements for a position coach? There are literally hundreds of position coaches out there looking for a step up. That isn’t a fans job.

The offensive line has been the weak link for the past few years when it comes passing. Run blocking has been ok, but many times Moss had to break a tackle in the backfield. Harding is responsible for the position and the position has never been great. They have been good, but never great.

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I think a lot of us are willing to take the time and sort through some names and do some research. I’ve got time on Saturday morning where I’d ordinarily be getting ready for tailgating. I don’t think any of us expects to be paid for this work.

Bumped to discuss what’s going on in Washington game.

Looks like we moved Ford to Center and Moala to LT. This is the worst line play I have ever seen at the U. That first series was brutal, the left side is especially bad. Washington getting clean hits on our QB with a 3 man rush, forced a fumble ending the drive.

An outstanding throw and catch netting 40 yards was wiped out by poor play and effort by the O-line.

They must have read my post because the second drive looked much better. Bentley is a solid QB, if we have just average O-Line play we have a good offense.

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Ford at C, Simi Moala at LT, Bills at LG, FR Jaren Kump at RT, not sure who’s RG.

COVID or motivation… let’s see how this group gels

What’s disturbing is that when they get screamed at, they block.

Why don’t they just block all the time? We have to have a terrible series before each good one because the oline only plays after getting yelled at?

We’ve had three solid series in a row for the OLine now.

Defense looks phenomenal.