Hard to blame them with the losing streak but this is still ouchy

No argument from me on this one.

I believe the guy who does that has ties to BYU, just FYI. It’s why BYU always shows great in this click bait and Utah always shows badly.


Maybe. But I’m not sure a BYU guy would rank USU over the BYU.

There’s what, about 30 thousand students and hundred or so show up at the games. Hard to argue against.

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I don’t think boomer has BYU ties - He’s really good at trolling fanbases, even them. Like him putting the Herd above BYU’s student section. I find his lists hilarious

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Our student section at basketball games has been going downhill in direct proportion to the decline of the program for almost 20 years. It’s hard to argue with this ranking. Students, like anyone else, vote with their feet.

I hold out hope that Smith will reestablish Utah Basketball, but it will take time. If he does, the students will return. If not, well…

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When the student section is about as populated as this…


He at least has ties to the west, because his inclusion of BYU in a lot of things and understanding of things like the Herd… or even noting Utah basketball attendance are things off everyone else’s radar. But I thought I saw the dopes on Cougbardoard claiming he had ties to the Y.

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He’s an idiot amd a troll. He might be right here but it’s few and far between.

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Ok, the guy operates on the “Blind Squirrel Rule”…

Even Boomer can get it right once in a while…a rare while, but a while all the same.:wink:

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Maybe Utah’s student section just reflects the apathy of the fanbase in general towards basketball. It’s probably hard to get the kids enthused when the older generations show no interest.

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If they start winning and get more dynamic players, like Delon Wright, the fans will come back.

Lol yeah, a quick scan of their tweet history and it’s pretty clear their core agenda includes dissing the U whenever possible (football, basketball or otherwise) without being too blatant. They also love giving Byu and USU a lot of props.