Other programs are getting unwanted attention

Are we seeing the beginning of a MeToo movement of sorts?

Now Dabo Swinny is facing accusations. Buckle your seatbelts.

I can 100% guarantee that dude’s gonna end up getting death threats.

College athletes should be paid. Give the option for pay or scholarship. Period. If pay, a contract. If scholarship then play, then school when done playing. They give so much for recognition to colleges and universities but no compensation. As a college graduate, I would never do what (but couldn’t) they do. In the real world, no one talks about a school’s business, engineering or biology program. They talk about football or basketball. Pay the athletes…

And, yes, coaching staff needs to get their ■■■■ together… in the manual, I’m sure it says “don’t be a dick or racist . . . or you are gone…”

I’m not against paying them, but they do get some nice perks that you just don’t get as a non-athlete, including attention (specifically from females), and the ability to put it on your resume. There’s a prestige that stays with you the rest of your life when you play football at a major university, so I think more people than not would opt to play even without pay.