Other games 10-23

Meatchicken goes up on a regressing-to-the-mean Northwestern.

State Penn shows again that their deal with Satan is in force.

And Kansas(!?) is beating the Sooners. If they lose this they’ll be called the Laters.

That Illini QB is blind. Throwing into QUADRUPLE coverage. Good call. No NFL for you young man.

Oh for cryin out loud…NINE OTs?!?!?

However many it takes for State Penn to lose

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You love to see it.


Quacks show they still have some firepower.

Dog Dicks tied with wazzu. Seconds before the half.


Ducks look like someone sneezed on their clean white uniforms.


■■■■…fan…today’s Duck unis.

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I thought those speckles were from being sprayed by the honey wagon on their way into the stadium.

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Somebody loosened the cap on the Green Goddess salad dressing before they shook the bottle.

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Does anyone have some chocolate chip cookies? I got a hankerin’ for chocolate chip cookies, for some reason. Starlight mint ice cream would be good too…

Bears feasting on Bison today in Berzerkley. Bison down 23-3, start of the 3rd.

Wake puts up 70 and needs most of those to win. 70-56 over Army

Someone explain DTR to me. He’s a covid junior and isn’t nearly the player Tyler Huntley was as a Fr. Not impressed at all.


DTR? Not sure who you mean

He’s the UCLA QB.

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Don’t know. Have seen very little of UCLA this year.

You’re not missing much. They looked sloppy but good enough against LSU, but have not been impressive since. People have been saying the Bruins are the best team in the PAC. I sure hope they aren’t. Utes will kill them.