Oscars and whatnot

Just realized I’ve seen most of the new Oscar nominated movies and some were worth recommending.

My top 3 are:

  1. Banshees of Inisherin (loved it). Don’t even want to say more than “most messed up buddy movie ever possibly…and there is a donkey.

  2. Tar’ Amazing Kate Blanchett makes everyone very uncomfortable for over 2 hours but in brilliant ways.

  3. Everything, Everywhere All at Once. Can’t explain it but I loved it. It’s a crazy ride and kind of a feel good movie too…sorta? I know a few people who didn’t love it but I think they didn’t understand half of it. And of course Short Round.

All Quiet on the Western Front was damn good and belongs in the list just not quite top 3. Great Netlfix offering.

Maverick …fine bubble gum movie but doesn’t belong on the list

Avatar…. All eye candy but not life changing acting or story.

Elvis. Good performance but not a great movie. Tom Hanks was not good in the film either.

Still need to see:
Triangle of Sadness
Women Talking
The Fablemans

I wish I could be as excited about Maverick as just about everyone, but I just refuse to watch both Avitar and Maverick because everyone is telling me both will somehow change my life. I don’t believe them


Maverick is fan service for everyone nostalgic for top gun. A nice action movie that saves some money with flashbacks and recycled scenes and then directly rips off Star Wars.

Nothing life changing but if you eat dinner while you watch it the time is passed okay.

Check out Banshees of Inisherin and see some real acting and story telling.

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Maverick was a re-make. Same movie, same plot same characters. Will never understand all of the hysteria over it. And I liked the original.


The only reason why I will eventually watch it is Val Kilmer’s cameo. After watching Val’s biographical documentary, the fact he was able to do the scene was nothing short of a miracle.


It’s entertaining and worth watching, just not at the level I seem to be missing and most everyone else sees. Was nice they included Val. There’s a documentary on him on Netflix, I think, that is interesting but very sad.


I choked up watching Val Kilmer’s scenes knowing that he truly is struggling with issues in real life.