Oregon State just upset Oregon 41-38

OSU scored GW TD with :33 to play. Utes scheduled to play OSU next week. Could be interesting.

Wow. I turned that game off when Oregon was up 31-19. Never expected OSU would make a comeback.

Now that they don’t call this The Civil War anymore it needs a new name. The Platypus Cup?


The “Roast on the Coast?”

The soggy beaver?

Wait what? I fell asleep thinking Oregon won.

I watched most of that game.

Like the fog dissipating, the Beavs just kept at it, their defense got better, Justin Herbert plays for the Chargers now, and the Beavs QB is actually pretty good - hope his injury isn’t a baddy.

The backup QB coming in for his one & only snap at Oregon State to sneak it over on 4th & goal with no timeouts was pretty cool.

We’ll see if we end up playing OS, but Jermar Jefferson is the best RB in the conference, from what I’ve seen.

Their OL is fairly small, but mobile & they execute pretty well, kind of like how Oregon’s OL used to be smaller & more nimble, until the national championship game revealed that as a strategy for getting steam rolled, and they had a turnstile of coaches.

This entire season is an aberration and I don’t care about the national conversation… nice to see the Beavs get success and the Oregon Knights stumble. Probably some grumbling in Duck Nation about Cristobal this morning.


We needed Oregon State to do this last season.


I don’t mind if it’s bad enough to keep him out another week.

If I recall, it was actually a fairly close game last year. Oregon didn’t play well and seemed to take out its frustrations on Utah.

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