Oregon State Game Thread

This thread is kind of early, but it seemed like a great piece to read prior to tomorrow night’s game. So read it, have a sip of the Kool-Aid, and get set for Utah versus the Beavers.

First few paragraphs:

For those who follow college football from afar, if you just look at Utah’s 4-0 record you’d assume that everything is just fine in Salt Lake City.

For Utes fans who have been watching this team take the field every weekend missing about a dozen players, with star quarterback Cam Rising and star tight end Brant Kuithe headlining them, they know they’ve yet to be at full strength. Something that makes their 4-0 record become even more impressive, as they beat Florida who is now a top 25 team, while also beating No. 24 UCLA last weekend.

It is also something that according to analyst Evan Moore, should truly worry other teams in the conference.

Why Pac-12 Teams Should Be ‘Terrified’ Of Utah In 2023

Happy Gameday! Let’s get the W.
Massey’s algorithm says good guys by 3.

Oregonian game preview 9.29.23


Greetings from Missouri! As always, I will be cheering on the Utes. (As some of you know, I never pick against our guys. Ever.)

I like our chances tonight, and I am still holding out hope that the Bad Moon rises. Someone commented on the full moon being a sign of good things to come. And why not? I think I also saw a Utah Football post about the game that used a picture of Cam … so, again, why not?

Either way, it’s a good time to be a Ute. Here’s to a good game! Let’s hope the D shines and that the offense can finally pull things together a little better.

Go Utes!


I don’t think bad moon will rise tonight but I do think that the Utes will grind out a vintage Whittingham victory.

They are going to throw the ball more tonight. Ludwig is no dummy. Constant running despite 9 defensive players stacking the box is one thing when you are up by 14 at home. On the road vs a ranked and dangerous opponent is altogether different. O St’s secondary is the weakest part of their team and Utah will challenge them.

Nate looks good throwing the ball and has delivered some nice passes. The game does not appear to have “slowed down” for him yet and I think his decision making is the rate limiting step.

O St. will try to confuse and pressure him. They will try to knock him down as much as possible. Ludwig will try to protect him and get him into passing situations that do not require a lot of decision making. This struggle will decide the game IMO. If Nate can pass effectively at least some of the time- including some third down conversions, Utah will be able to run the ball and win the game.

An alternative pathway to victory is the D goes epic, scores, and holds them to 9 yards rushing leading us to a 14-7 victory. It could happen again.

Utah football is fun!!


Very, very doubtful that Rising plays. Newman, from yesterday.


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Pound the Beavers. :slight_smile:


The two Oregon universities have the most uninspiring mascots in the conference. Maybe in several P5 conferences.



At least they are more unique, unlike all the Bears, Cougars, Bulldogs, etc. out there.


Someone on FB just posted a pic from the stadium of Rising in street clothes. Not really surprising.

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As an Oregonian, I disagree completely.

I can’t give a 1/2 star, but I half agree; not inspired by ducks.

Utes seem to get little to no respect. Its as if the last two year conference championship never happened. I know Whitt and the team thrive on that, but it drives me nuts.

I don’t have a great feeling about tonight. I hope I’m wrong, but OSU has a lot to play for. Angry after last weeks loss, angry about the demise of the PAC-12, and looking to upset the defending conference champion.

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Announcer just said surgeon wouldn’t lift hold until the bye week … maybe for game contact vs ok to practice? Who knows

That is a good looking stadium. At least the sideline stands.

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Yeah you’re not alone

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Whoa, Vaki on offense?

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Nice to get the first completion. Run game ain’t doing much.


Ok, Vaki creative. Mixing it up. Me likey


I didnt hate that drive. Lots of positives