Oregon choking at ASU?

Damn hope they turn it around fast.
Won’t help us to have Oregon go flat at the end of season but they are at 1/2 speed for 3 quarters. No sense

At ASU is a tough place to play. We’ve been tripped up there more than once.

Looks like the ducks are being exposed. And this hurts us.

Worst case scenario. Oregon loss eliminates us from the playoffs. Go Ducks make a comeback.

Herbert losing money tonight.

I’ve said all week. Utah wins out they are in. Not so much for Oregon or Oklahoma. Very overrated are the Ducks.


Not quite. We just have to worry about Oklahoma and Baylor again.

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Let’s win
Then chat…

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Yep. Take care of our business first.

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Ducks unshatting the bed at the moment.

They need to keep it up…

Hate Oregon, but their win helps us in every way. Hate ASU worse but their lose doesn’t hurt us.

Go Whoregon!!! And I hope to NEVER utter that phrase again.

And now the Ducks are shatting the bed again.

And the bed is officially shat.

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Now we REALLY have to beat Oregon in the P12 championship game.

Oregon’s defense was exposed. We should beat them.