Oregon 2022

It’s on ESPNews for now.

Started 10 minutes late so a junk sport could finish.

Yay, I get to miss the start because I don’t have ESPN News.



Looks like Nix is playing

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Yes, the commentators seem to have noticed that. We’ve heard about no other player for the last 10 minutes.


Interesing analysis. Wonder what @Ma-ake thinks. Quite comprehensive.
I hope we win. Even if we don’t get to watch it…

Rough start. Need a stop now.

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So far this looks weirdly like the UCLA game. Oregon’s receivers are constantly wide open.


I’m only seeing the box score.

Can you get ESPNews?

That was way too easy. Very poor effort. Utah was badly outschemed on that drive. A score on this drive is essential.

Still waiting for these TV guys to say something, anything, about Utah.

Oh, they did just mention the Utah defense in the context of praising Oregon.


I hate this defense so much this season it’s been awful.

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Not unless I upgrade my Comcast.

It’s more important to watch a blowout in garbage time than the start of an impactful game for the Pac-12

Oh FFS, we don’t need 10 minutes of additional footage after the blowout goes final.


I wish Utah had a kicker. And receivers who could catch consistently. And not hold. Sigh.

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I’m going to have a stroke.
I am stroking out

This is why I have issues watching on TV

Maybe they’ll go to the parking lots and get some BBQ highlights and links to recipes