Opponent in Vegas

Just a quick breakdown:

Utah vs. Oregon: Oregon beats OSU.

Utah vs. Oregon State: Oregon State beats Oregon AND Washington beats Washington State

Utah vs. Washington State: Here’s where it gets a little tricky. Oregon State beats Oregon AND Washington State beats Washington. This throws the north into the tiebreaker.
Head to Head: Washington State beat Oregon State. Oregon beat Washington State and under this scenario OSU beats OU. Everyone has one win and one loss against each other. So, we go to the 2nd tiebreaker, best overall record in the North division. OSU and OU both went 3-2 (again with the OSU beats OU scenario) but Wazzo went 4-1 losing only to Oregon. End result? Utah/Washington State for the title.

Come on, Beavs!

And may UW’s interim go out with a win!


That would be cool because it would give Utah the opportunity to avenge their one conference loss. But I think the Washington State one is the most likely other than Oregon. Washington has lost 4 straight home games, and they’ve got nothing to play for other than pride and the opportunity to ruin their rivals’ season. They cannot even get bowl eligible because they’re 4-7 with their loss to Colorado. I don’t forsee Oregon bouncing back against OSU, especially since they run the ball as well as Utah does, and I think they’re smelling blood in the water against Oregon. Our win over the Ducks gave them the opportunity they needed to still win the North and I think they cease it.

I don’t care who it is. Third time in it. Time to win it. Just win baby!


The Apple Cup is a really big deal and UW has been hanging their hat on their current 8-year winning streak… also it sounds like some 5-7 teams will get into bowls again this year.

Still I think UW loses this, just because they really, really suck. They are the worst team in the North and they lost to an FCS way before any of the coaching distractions. All the UW hype was a huge farce and I never, ever want to hear the media gushing about UW in the preseason again (but you know they will, beginning about 6 months from now).


I guess I would like Oregon St. for a chance to avenge the earlier loss, but I don’t really care.


Just remember we’ve been were where UW is now. In 1988 going into our last game of the season…Senior Day…Rivalry Game…

The Game was our Bowl Game!

Ours ended with us winning 57-28 and the goalposts came down.

Given their talent level, it could happen.


That was a great game :grinning: