Onward! - scouting Baylor

It’s triple digits in Waco now and beyond our game, so the early start may help a little. But with that kind of heat, on the road, we’ll need to tap into our depth, especially on D.

Here’s some light reading on Baylor I found. Not a lot of detail on scheme or informed analysis on player development and strengths, but a little to get familiar

EDIT - based on their coaching staff, it looks like they run a 3-4 on defense. (There are coaches for the inside LBs and outside LBs.)

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This CFN article has a little giggle: two of the “top 10” Bears are a couple of OL brothers who transferred from BYU. Heh.

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Their DC returns after one year as the Co-DC at Oregon, but was part of the B12 championship season a couple of years ago. The OC is Jeff Grimes, who was a Co-OC with Roderick at BYU, and I think one of their better coaches the past decade. So, in terms of tendencies, this game seems fairly straightforward to scout.

Most of the analysis lays expectations on Jr. QB Blake Shapen to make a jump from last year. They have eight (!) home games, play Texas State first, then Long Island behind us. (I had no idea Long Island had a college football team.)

I hope that the team is not over looking Baylor. I know the coaches aren’t. As they should recall from Gainesville last year, heat plus humidity is a killing combination. So, yes, relying upon our depth will be a must, as well as getting the electrolytes into the system (and keeping them in the system, so no puking on the field or elsewhere).

Here’s to another, hopefully, win in week 2.

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Baylor will be a bigger test. Aranda’s teams have been very competitive in the BIG 12.

Hopefully we get some guys back for this game.


Interesting tidbit. Ludwig’s son Joe is a GA at Baylor.


Hopefully the team brings along a truckload of Brawndo!

Looked at a few Baylor boards after they were beat by Texas State at home, yesterday.

“Yikes!”… as one would expect.

The team & coaches are taking plenty of heat, some references to the B12 championship team in '21 being the result of the previous coach’s super-seniors, and this season’s problems being carryover issues from last year.

QB Shapen apparently has an MCL and is wearing a large brace, but otherwise seemed to earn the fans’ respect, making plays when the OL protected him.

Areas of concern: OL, Defensive front 7 & the back end. QB, RB and WRs weren’t taking as much heat, stemming from the OL failing to provide protection.

Considering McLane Stadium holds 45,000 and the fans seem to be in a serious funk, I don’t expect an insanely raucous home crowd.

If Cam’s close to ready, may want to keep him as a closer, if need be, and let the Barnes-Johnson act continue.


Baylor will be better than Florida offensively even with the backup QB, who is a dual threat guy. They struggled in the red zone and that was the big difference. Do not look as good as Florida on defense.


I follow Baylor since I sent my daughter and money there. Many Trojans wanted Dave Aranda as our next head coach. Southern California native, good defensive coordinator, AP Coach of the Year, and had just won a BIG 12 Championship. However, it was all done with Matt Rhule’s recruits. Since then, he hasn’t recruited very well and doesn’t do much with what he does get. Unfortunately, he’s looking like another example of a good coordinator without the skill set & personality necessary to make it as a head coach.



Except Matt Rhule only had one class better than Dave’s classes. People can actually look at Baylor recruiting and 247 shows their players are in the 200 level which gets them roughly #35 average class each year since the start of Rhule’s three seasons (with a losing win %) to Dave’s which will most likely be mediocre at best losing the starting QB for three games. Their recruiting looks similar to Utah. He has as many wins in Bowl games as Lincoln Riley with three less tries. Not to mention Lincoln was given Bob Stoops players and did less.

Don’t sleep on Dave Aranda’s defense.

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Agree, and in addition, some of the pillars of college football:

  • Don’t take Game 1s too seriously when scouting an opponent, if they struggle. Nobody sees the film better than the team’s coaching staff.
  • It’s possible there are some internal problems with Baylor, but I highly doubt it, and we won’t be the beneficiary, if there is. Utah coming to town is the quickest way to get the bad taste out of their mouth.
  • Coaches know how to rally and redirect a team if there are some struggles, it’s what they’re paid to do.
  • The vast majority of college football players detest losing. At football, pickup basketball, ping pong…anything. They’ll endure crazy amounts of pain and suffering to get that dopamine high of winning.

We’ll see a different Baylor team, guaranteed.


Agreed. We probably won’t need Cam until Corvallis.


Hello :wave: down there :point_down:

See what happens when you play west of the Mississippi?

Hopefully the secondary recovers against South Florida next Saturday.


We played East of the Mississippi this weekend you fool. What’s funny is Dava Aranda’s defense did very well against Utah. Wonder how yours will do. Who knows considering your team still hasn’t played a team with a pulse yet. It’s easy to be a top 5 team in week three. The key is doing it in December.

Remember the last time we met west of the Mississippi?

For a guy who’s team hasn’t been relevant since the George Bush admin you talk a ton of smack.


Only to you :wink:

Thank goodness the guy on the left is no more.


Weirdly the guy on the left was 2-4 in Bowl games. You hired a guy who is now 1-4 in Bowl games. I guess it makes sense to talk smack in September instead of November or December.

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Farmer Fred was a part of winning more Championship hardware than U$C has in their trophy case.

Weirdly, Kiffin, Sark and Ed have a title in some capacity more recently than $C. Makes you think it may not be the coach but the culture.

EDIT: I say this knowing that post Stallings until Saban was hired the BOT ran Alabama football and gave us some of the most mediocre football in the history of the program other than the time Alabama won it’s first Rose Bowl and Coach Bryant took over. Sometimes the higher-ups kill the programs more than the coach.

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you’re are a wealth of ridiculousness


SC was ranked ahead of Alabama for 35 days in the past 15 years. I don’t see anymore days happening anytime soon with their overrated coach who has Bowl season win.

Enjoy the Big 1G!