One more sleep till Early Signing Day

is the highest-rated Big XII school :

Utah never had a Top 20 class in the Pac-12 era.

EDIT: I am wrong this is last season.

Isn’t that last year? We are ranked 59 going into Big12 (2024)


You’re right. I am way off. This class is at #59:

That makes them the #12 class in conference currently:

Last year things didn’t fill out until signing day. I won’t be surprised if we see more than a few same day kids again this year.

You really have to look at the average star rating not the overall total points because the overall total points is largely the result of a larger class. Is having a larger class a good thing for the immediate future? IMO, a larger class indicates that you are losing a large number of players from your current 85, which means not as much experience in the short -term.

Doing so puts Utah (87.54) behind CU (91.62), TT (89.15), UCF (88.28) and a little ahead of but essentially tied with TCU (87.40) and Kansas (87.45). BYU has the lowest rated class at 85.87, the only Big12 school below 86.

Looking at transfers only, which appears to be the wave of the future:
CU has the NO. 1 ranked transfer class with 16 guys (88.63)
TCU has the 4th ranked transfer class with 13. (88.00)
TT has the 6th rated transfer class with 10 guys. (87.60)
ASU has the 8th ranked class with 13. (86.58)
Houston 14th with 9. (86.68)
WVU 34th with 6 (87.25)
Utah 37th with 4 (88.67)

CU, TT, TCU and ASU seem to be doing the best on both the HS and Transfer currently. Utah is holding its own, but is not leading the way.

This is all a crap shoot. Devin Lloyd and Braeden Daniels were the lowest rated recruits in their respective classes with ratings around 84 and look what they did.