After this last game, I’m not going to miss their band and their two songs. They were sitting right behind us just to the right of us. Annoying as hell.


Amen. Atmosphere vs USC is always awesome. Be near impossible to replace that.

I heard a pair of TV play by play guys say that it’s against an NCAA rule for a school band to play during a game while an opponent has the ball. I don’t remember who said this. There was video showing a referee actually going up into the stands and telling a band to stop playing when the opposing team had the ball. Is that a thing? Is anybody else heard that? If so, doesn’t USC violate that rule every game multiple times?

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They would play right up until the ball was snapped. And then as soon as the whistle blew, they would start playing again. I don’t know if there’s a rule about not playing while the other team has the ball.

The annoying thing is they would play at every break in the action and even when our band was playing or when the PA was playing music (We Will Rock You, for example), and even when the PA guy was talking.


Dear Big 10:

We hope you enjoy this entitled jackassery.


PAC-12 Fans


Think they may be used to it. They do have tOSU, and Bitchagain.