Ole Miss gets a TD pass with 4 seconds left to potentially tie the game with Miss St

The Ole Miss receiver decides to do a pose like a dog taking a leak on the Miss St logo in the end zone. He gets an unsportsmanlike penalty, the extra point is moved back 15 yards and the kicker shanks it right. Miss St wins 21-20. Karma

That was just insane. Not sure if Moore is a senior but if he is, what a way to go out.

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Ole Miss QB Matt Corral was a 4* with a 0.969 rating out of Long Beach Poly for 2018 class. With Corral’s 50% completion rate and INTs, I like 3* Tyler Huntley so much more.


Ole Piss for a reason.


They so pee pee. :smile:


Somehow the news leaked today that their admin was pissed and decided to flush their head coach out with a huge buyout on the contract.

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How could the admin be pissed when they knew their kids were not potty trained? Apparently the faux dog pisser was the same punt return guy who waived for a fair catch…after he caught the ball in the very same game. SEC Academic standards on display there.

I wouldn’t mock Ole Miss when legendary writers like William Faulkner, John Grisham, Donna Tartt, Stel Pavlou, John T. Edge and obviously ESPN’s Wright Thompson all hail from Ole Miss. It’s a very good school in a state not known for being scholarly.

Also, most people don’t realize Ole Miss has more Rhodes Scholars than many P5 schools including Utah:

I also post this knowing I am nowhere near one that helps my Alma Mater’s list