Ok who has the best full Rose Bowl package?

In 94 did the Freedom Bowl with the flight bus hotel etc. not sure who we did it thru then but think I’d like something comprehensive. Anyone got recommendations?

Do travel agencies still exist? Seems like those were done through travel agencies, which I haven’t heard much of for a while.

Think so or maybe alumni or someone :man_shrugging:t2: Had some life events distractions last couple weeks so feel like I’m behind on research.

Where is the best place to get tickets?

Not to be a downer, but I am an infectious disease nerd. LA County has some of the toughest regulations about COVID-19, and if this damn Omicron variant is actually as infective as initial reports state, they will implement all kinds of rules to get into the Rose Bowl.

Make sure you’re vaccinated and probably boosted. Bring a supply of Utah face masks. And get tested before the game. Just to make sure you don’t violate any rules that LA County might impose before the game.


Pasadena is not part of Los Angeles, or Los Angeles County. It is an independent city. You’ll need to show proof of vaccination or negative Covid test to get into the Rose Bowl. More to come later.

Congratulations on winning the PAC 12



I recently saw a concert in LA and the same restrictions applied: proof of vaccinations (and update maybe update now) or negative tests/72 hours, with no one paying particular attention.

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I got my tickets, pumped to be at the Rose!

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Happy to show all our shots and boosters :grimacing:. It’s the Rose Bowl! I’d get 6 more shots if that’s what it takes to go!


I’m in Section 20 and on the corner of Orange and Colorado for the parade.

For those that get to LA a bit early there is a Go-Go’s concert Wednesday. I’m going full late 70’s - 1980s that week and watching Licorice Pizza at Tarantino’s New Beverly Theater.


I’ll admit, I haven’t shopped around, but this may be the best Rose Bowl package.