Ok, so there's a CHANCE of a one off Holy War in Shreveport, LA

This is assuming BYU becomes bowl eligible. They’re contracted with the Independence Bowl, which also has a PAC12 affiliation, per Brett McMurphy. If BYU makes the bowl, that gives the BIG 12 7 bowl affiliations (one off year I think).

Over on r/cfg folks seem excited about a Utah-BYU match up. They seem to forget that BYU has to be bowl eligible, and our Utes would have to have a down year for the Independence Bowl to pick us.

I’m not sure I’d be excited by this matchup except to restart a win streak against BYU.





Us playing a game in Shreveport would be a fail of epic proportions. Figure we would have to go 6-6 to land in such a “prestigious bowl game.” There is no one expecting the Utes to go 6-6. Though some of the prognosticators have the “Flavor of the Month” schools playing in the CCG (Whoregon and U$C), none have discounted the idea Utah may be playing for a three-peat. We will likely land in Vegas or LA if we don’t make an NY6 game. Playing a Pre Christmas “Who Cares” bowl?? Not likely.

For them, this may be their ceiling this season. For us it would be six feet under the basement.