Ok, Game Day has finally got here

Time to kick the tires and light the fires. First up…Weber State.

All I want to see is a win and the third string getting reps.


Love to see the only play call - besides handing off the ball - is “Go long and stay open…”

Fire Ludwig! I think I got it in 1st in 2021

Utah game is at 4:30 PT on PAC12 Network,

we’ve replaced those ABC after-school specials where Johnny showed on the teddy bear where the bad man touched him

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I’m pretty excited. Should get home from work right at 5:30.

I’m also excited to check up on Boise/UCF and OSU/Minnesota during commercials and halftime. Some good games tomorrow night as well. No more reading for this guy - there’s something worth watching on TV again!

Hey boys, long time no talk. I’m in San Diego and trying to figure out how to see the game on PAC12N.
I have Spectrum Cable. Not there.
I signed up for FUBO. Not there.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Go Utes!

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UteInSeattle or something similar usually has a link up for the game.

Sling with sports package has it. Cheaper than Fubo too, the last I checked.


Fubo you have to add their sports package. Sling is the cheaper way if you already have other streaming/cable/satellite service