Ok, doing stuff with brain fog is…

I am writing this because I can’t believe I did what I did.

I have been getting better from my medical event, and have started doing some house tasks. Cooking meals again, cleaning, and some yard work. Generally I have done pretty well…until now.

Monday I decided to get the second weed b gone treatment on my yard. I found my sprayer for the hose and it was sitting next to bottles of weed killer that looked just like the one’s I bought a month ago. I filled the sprayer and treated my front yard. I ran out of energy after dragging around the hose to do the spraying, so I ended my project for the day proud I got the work done.

Yesterday, I was getting the “boxes from hell” broken down and out to the recycle. When I got that done, I decided to look over the front yard to see if the spraying job was working. Looking at the yard, I saw the weeds were dying, but the grass seemed to be yellowing, too. I figured it was just chemical stress from the treatment, and went on with the rest of the evening.

This morning, as I was getting ready to leave for my weekly VA visit, I looked at the front yard grass and saw it was dying. It then dawned on me to check the weed killer I used.

It was a form of Roundup. The bottle looked like the bottle of weed b gone.

I killed my front yard grass.

When I got back from my VA visit, I had to fess up to my wife for my crime. She took it in stride and started laughing.

She will be laughing about it for weeks.


If it was me, by the time I went out to treat the yard, I would have forgotten why I went there.


We have a service that takes care of our lawn fertilizing and such. One year a few days after they sprayed, our lawn was looking a bit dry, but it was May and we hadn’t turned on the sprinklers yet and just figured it was time. We had a rep from the company knock on our door and tell us a disgruntled employee had mixed roundup or similar product into the fertilizer and killed all the lawns he sprayed that day. I felt so bad for the company, but was very impressed how they handled it. After waiting several weeks for the bad product to clear, they re sodded all the yards that were killed. I assume they had some insurance to help cover it, but that was extremely expensive to replace. I hope the guy who did it faced some sort of repercussions. Sorry about your lawn and that you can’t blame a disgruntled employee.


This isn’t the same thing, but I missed a line when I was fertilizing my lawn this year - so I have a light green streak right down the middle of an otherwise healthy looking lawn. I’ve called it a racing stripe.


I am pretty amazed at how realistic looking and feeling some of the latest artificial lawn products are. Something to be said about them in this day and age of water crises, etc.


How much is install of something like that?

I don’t know the cost, but I know a guy who sells the product and installation if you are interested in a contact.