Offensive woes

Based on what, the defense getting gassed because the offense was shot?

Forget it. He’s funny and he did great. I imagined the QB running all over us and Oregon embarrassing us, and an average USC schooling us. All the makings of a great head coach.

Scalleys defense has been the best defense ever at Utah. The offense let us down in all three games. Offense sucking is not Scalleys fault.

“Scalleys defense has been the best defense ever at Utah.”

Against the many weak teams on our schedule this year, yes. Against the better teams, not so much.

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How many points did the offense score? How many sustained drives. The problem with this team is still the offense.

Its both offense and defense. The d gave up 38 points to a middle of the pack B12 team. Offense struggled to get one TD after a gift penalty from UT.

What happens if Utah has some sustained drives?

Then the game might have been closer. For the highly advertised, lock down defense we were supposed to have we sure got schooled.

I’m really beginning to buy into the weak P12 narrative.

Check out their schedule. They were more competitive than their record indicated.

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Dude, we held them to 17 at half and the only reason they scored that much was because our offense was terrible. 3 points was attributable to the defense. 3.

We sustain drives we win games. Our offense didn’t do that. This game rests on the offense. Stop relying on the box score and rewatch it. The defense was gassed by the end. We sustain drives And score our season average and we win.

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In our biggest games against our toughest competition our D flat out couldn’t compete. You can speculate all you want but UT was not going to allow us to sustain drives.

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Oh, so the offense scores if the defense allows it. Not because they have the initiative. They should ask more politely next time.

We got outplayed, bottom line. Agree to disagree!

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He was also better when he didn’t have the hefty contract.

I told people the last few weeks that Texas was a heck of a good team for having just a 7-5 record.

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Texas, like USC, is one of those teams that can always explode and be dangerous even in their most down years. Regardless of coaching they can always get amazing athletes there and do some damage to any team on any given day.

That being said, we were outplayed and out-coached. That was no fluke game for them.


Texas was down the middle of the year because of injuries. They had all their injured players back for the bowl game. Their play by play guy said it as the healthiest beside the start of the season they had been all year.

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