Odd stat for the PAC-12 CCG losers

So last night they flashed this up and today the streak continues. Apparently the PA-12 Championship Game loser is also 0-9 (now) in their bowl games. That stat can’t just be an oddity. I’m not sure what all factors into it but it is certainly clear that losing the Championship game creates a universal mismatch and hangover. Wonder how this looks for other conferences in the last 10 years. I’m very unhappy about our ■■■■ the bed performance against “lesser” teams the last two years but this does give me a less Ute personalized pause.

Is the PAC 12 CCG loser always playing down to a good team from elsewhere who is playing up? Doesn’t make me accept the loss but it makes it more of a puzzle and less of an emotional meltdown. Next year I’ll be happy with 7 wins and a crap bow with Zero Kooliad. And I’ll watch to see if the next PC12 CCG loser continues the streak.

I do remember that being mentioned during the game. It’s an interesting trend to watch in the future. I didn’t realize the 0-fer the PAC-12 CCG loser in it’s bowl games. Strange stat.