Now the rout might be on. At least we were only

Down single digits in the first half Too much standing around on offense and looking at each other Apparently moving on offense isn’t a priority ?

To make matters worse I’ve had to listen to Bill Walton for the entirety of this game.

Bobby Hurley is a dick. I hate him and I hate ASU.


Hurley still needs to be reminded that he isn’t at Duke anymore. He’s not entitled to get every call.

I’m also starting to really dislike ASU. That was a horrible T on Van Komen. Good for Larry! I’m glad he pushed for the T and for getting tossed. And Hurley is a classless disgrace to coaching behavior. The players feed on his antics and that’s now their culture.

I also wish Bill Walton would just shut up.

Agree on the T on Van Komen. He hung on the rim to avoid coming down on the player. Weak call.
Sometimes I wonder if the officials just roll their eyes at Larry when he fies off like that