Not too surprising about Peter Costelli

sigh, reason #4,287 not to follow recruiting too closely

amen. Sorry to see him go, but if he’s happier elsewhere, then ok.

Best of luck to him in his future endeavors.

Something tells me he hasn’t been sitting in the OC booth with Ludwig. It would’ve been a great place to spend a redshirt season learning the offense and seeing how it works on the field. Everything I have seen from Rising goes back to the time in that booth last season.

I get some kids believe it’s all about the reps in a game. For new QB’s in a P5 school, unless you have some off the charts mad skills as a QB (or are just better than the upperclassmen) seeing the field as a Freshman is not something normally seen. Add to the fact Rising still has two more seasons, and I can see where leaving might be something he would consider.

Like I said, best of luck to him.


This isn’t intended to disparage the kid, but it seems telling that we hadn’t heard his name at all this year. Not even in a “Costelli did a great job as the practice squad QB” context. That seemed kinda odd for a such a highly rated QB, especially when the coaches are pretty good about calling it out when player’s efforts go above and beyond.

I wish him the best wherever he ends up, but between what we have now and what’s coming in I think we’ll be OK.


Good point. JQJ was names a practice team player of the week (yes, as QB2) probably prepping the team for Brown. Even if redshirting, there are ways to contribute towards the team.

But, I don’t blame him. If we have 2, 3 guys that are as good or better on the roster, good luck to him wherever he goes. Hopefully it turns out better than Tuttle.


Didn’t we skip Jaxon Dart because of him?

That’s too bad. He seemed to have all the physical talents. Was really hoping he’d be the QB-in-waiting. Wonder if he’s looking both ahead (Rising still has 3 years?) and at what’s coming (Nate Johnson).

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Dart was never coming here.

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Also, Safety Jeffery Ugo de-commited today.

A little birdie tells me the Utes might be snagging a Safety currently committed to UCLA…


Really? Not that I’m doubting you but several weeks ago Coach Mac was on the radio and made it sound like he would have come to Utah but the coaches didn’t want him to make it public for fear of losing Costelli.

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The only safety I can see who’s committed to UCLA is a mid-level 3-star. Would that be an improvement? I think Uggo is more highly rated.

The skinny I got from a good friend who’s son is a senior player at Corner Canyon is that Eric Kjar hates Utah and doesn’t do us any favors with respect to recruiting there. My buddy says it’s a grudge to do with Zach Wilson. Take that for what its worth.


Why would he hold a grudge? The situation could not have worked out better for all parties involved. Zach would’ve sat for 2 years at Utah. He would never have had the opportunity to dominate the zoobs’ COVID schedule. He would have gone from sitting behind Huntley to sitting behind Rising.


Both are .8500… kind of a wash


Didn’t Kjar play for the zoobs?

Just repeating what I was told. It makes little sense to me, especially when I consider Keaton Bills.

BTW, the friend’s son is getting scholarship offers here and there. He wants to go into engineering, though, and doesn’t know if that’s compatible with also playing football. I mentioned Zane Beadles and others that have pulled it off, but I also imagine the kid is right.

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This is why I don’t really follow recruiting (too much of a soap opera of 18 year old kids) and wait until they are on the field or at least the 2-deep. I know it’s the pipeline to the future, but there’s always hits and misses and people that will leave for more or sooner playing time. Better to have depth and lose some than be struggling to fill the backup spots.

Rising was a 4* 0.91 rating. JQJ was a 4* 0.97 rating (transfer has his as a 3* 0.81). Costelli was a 4* 0.91. Johnson is a 4* 0.91 with Rose 3* 0.89. Each has to prove it on the practice field and separate themselves and see how they fit into the team. There is some luck and timing, so to each their own if they need to change their situation. I still hope that JQJ is open to switching positions if our 1-2-3 QB is set with others, learning and excelling at it, and having a long NFL career.

We’ve been just fine with what we’ve put on the field and the depth when injuries occur.

Just gets old when we re-litigate the Tuttle-Wilson and now Costelli-Dart recruitments. If it wasn’t this, it’d be another. Each situation would have played out different in an alternate universe. We can only play 1 QB at a time, not 5, so there’s going to be some turnover. I’m surprised we have 5 great RBs (inc. Curry and Parks) - probably some turnover (NFL hopes, maybe a transfer) but we have others waiting in the wings for their chance.


It depends where he goes for engineering. At the U if he wants to make decent grades and play football it will be a challenge. Not so much down south.


He went to college at Wayne State