Not sure if I want to believe Mike Gundy or not

I’m not gonna link the article. Nope, just can’t do it. I’ll link the r/cfb thread, you can find the link yourself. Personally I think Coach Gundy has spent too much time in the Okie sun, but w/e floats his boat or his ego.

OSU Coach Mike Gundy: “Coast to coast, people see BYU as a Power Five team” : CFB (

BYU is respected as a football team in general… you know they are going to give you a good game, you aren’t going to roll over them. But keep in mind that Gundy also has a vested interest in making his conference look as good as possible - so why claim you’ve added a bunch of wannabe scrubs?


Oh I understand his talk. I also know BYU is respected. But that doesn’t mean I have to agree with him on their status.

There’s an interesting discussion going on in that r/cfb thread. Worth following, if you care.


Gundy’s meltdown years ago is all I need to know on his ability to assess things.

…from the better angels tack, they need something to rationalize the screw over they are getting from OU and TX. If they feel East Provo provides some salve to the wounds…ok. They are not comparable, but ok. They will never provide what TX or OU brought to the table, but ok.

If survival is the goal, adding TDS will give them the basics of a conference, they won’t fill the void left by TX or OU.


Oh man, I had forgotten about his meltdown. Yeah, that speaks volumes in retrospect.

Maybe he heard that on the future TV partner, Big XII on OAN!