Not fair for SEC Shorts to put Utah

With Oregon.

The Dan Mullen line about QB is hilarious though.

Agree that there is no way they should put Utah in with Oregon. But, yes, the reference to Dan Mullen was funny. Heck that guy barely used our best back in Dameon Pierce last year. He will be the starting RB for the Texans I believe. smdh.



Coach30 killed the Ducks this week:

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As much as that loss hurt, I still LOLed.


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The piece was pretty funny, and we earned the humbling.

At least it wasn’t a STFD beat down like the one Whoregon took. Looking at that video, they looked lost and soft. My guess is that team will not be taking the field to play us in their own house. I would be shocked if it did.


Oh. They killed Brian Kelly. Pause to see the poster on wall, lol

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