Not a great start. These guys could beat us

This coastal Carolina team is solid

sigh 23-16 roosters

They have a great coach. He made Clemson good, then he left and made Auburn good.

little better 27 - 25 roosters

Typical Larry fashion, gave up a 6-2 run to end the half.

good vibes about Utah hoops evaporating :frowning:

I don’t have much faith in Larry anymore The player turnover, some of the head scratching losses etc make me question if he’s the right guy. Don’t know who’s we get that would be an upgrade though.
Just disappointing to see us not living up to our tradition

Oh well at least we have three football games left.

Back to reality…dammit…

Let’s make more excuses for Larry.

Bummer of a game. I think those wins against bad, bad Nevada and Minnesota gave us false hope.

Don’t give up on them. The more they play, the better they will play. This team is the start of something good. Hang on.


I had to keep reminding myself of my preseason expectations, especially in the second half. Here are my thoughts:

Turnover continue to be a problem on Larry’s teams. I could explain it away as youth, except that it’s always been a problem on Larry’s teams, even the good ones.

Free throws continue to be a problem, and a pet peeve of mine. The fat man spoiled me. Just make them, jeez.

Offense needs go through Carlson, it’s a waste when they neglect that because he is a good scorer and a good passer. At a minimum he will force doubles and collapse the defense. Several times they balked on throwing it in to Carlson only to rotate it and force it in to Lahat or Juantunen.

Speaking of Juantunen, give the ball to a guard!! He had several bad turnovers trying to be that guy. Just give it up the a guard in the back court.

Plummer is obviously not afraid to jack them up. Perhaps he should show that ability to make some before he gets the total green light, just a thought…

Brenchley made some nice hustle plays, but he needs to give us a lot more to justify his minutes.

Goch was really forcing it. I get why, because you feel the desperation when everything else seems like wheels are just spinning. Makes me worried, because that is not a good look.

Biggest takeaway of the night, BLOCK OUT!! Get a fricking body on somebody and keep them off the fricking boards. Especially the guards, they were letting the CC guards slip under the taller players and steal the rebound or tip the ball out. Everyone needs to commit to blocking off and rebounding or we are in real trouble in Pac12 play.