Nick Rolovich Is going to blame this on why he’s fired

Bro is Catholic and the Pope says get vaccinated. Not sure that religious exemption is coming through.
I think he knows winning 30% of his games is why he’ll be fired and is acting like this is the hill he’s dying on.

Mike Price, Mike Leach, and Nick Rolovich…… who’s on the WSU hiring committee?

I’m still trying to figure out why people refuse to get the vaccine. Did they also refuse to get the polio or smallpox vaccine?


Internet/Social media is the game changer. The hope was the internet would allow the masses to seek truth… instead it reinforces what you WANT to believe.


We used to think that “stupid” meant lack of information. The internet has disproved that.


Polio and Small Pox make you ugly. Covid just stupid (I kid, please don’t crucify me for the joke). Mostly it was so long ago and there has always been vaccine resistance for new diseases. Just easier to spread misinformation now.

Anyway, I don’t see how these religious exemptions work if the religion has come out saying to get it or that they support it. Seems like maybe Nick is playing this card so he is fired for this and not performance and keeps other jobs open in other places without a mandate.

And he and other staff are gone.


I don’t know, I just think not getting vaccinated is just so selfish. I try to understand the “freedom” and don’t tell me what to do" and “first the demand a shot, next they insert micro chips into your body” crowd. But it’s just selfish to deny science and risk getting people around you sick. If it didn’t affect others I say, do what you want - but that’s not the case.

It just blows my mind how so many have this selfish perspective. Why can’t you do this for others?


That and he’s 5-6 and has been a headache since they hired him. Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes.


How many of the coaching staff are gone too?

A very selfish thing for the coach to do to his team. I see him having a very tough time getting another head coaching gig…not putting his players or program as a top priority.


Answering my own question…4 assistants gone too.

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Who is going to fill roles? The kit manager? Do they have a Nate the Great (for Ted Lasso fans)?


Pretty selfish move.

I agree, very selfish thing to do his team and staff. It will be interesting to see if the university tries to bring in some temporary hired guns to help or just mail in the rest of the season. They were just starting to get thing rolling too.


The zoob game will be a sh#t show. How do you get coaches in and ready to go in 4 days.

Question: is there any other P5 coach not vaccinated? Rolo is the only one I’ve heard of - who would have thought it would be in the PAC12


Weirdly I heard Kalani Sitake’s name for the job up there.

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So he didn’t want the vaccine, but, didn’t he get the choice to be tested and mask up in lieu of the shot – or did he not want to do that either?

Wazzu dodged a huge bullet, they can dump the clown for cause and it won’t cost them a dime. The guy proved he wasn’t committed to his team, the university and to the fans. The galaxy-brained religious gambit calls his iq into question.

Meanwhile the defensive coordinator has a photo of himself getting his 2nd shot as a pinned tweet. Savage.


No. That was not an option. I also don’t understand why people refuse the vaccine, but I believe public employees should be able to pay to be tested daily or several times per week at their own cost. Private employers on the other hand, should be able to make their own policy.


Well, Rolovich “Couged it” to a whole new level.


Here’s the thing for his future employment. He’s shown himself to not be a leader or a team player. Two things that may just be important characteristics for a head football coach.


Or…… he’s the man for the Liberty Univ job.