New WR coach

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So he was voted Freshman receiver of the year in the SEC when he played and second team all-American receiver as a Senior. Was a graduate assistant at Utah a couple years ago. Seems like an eager young talent. Glad to have him aboard.

This is floating around the internet, fwiw:

College football + salary cap = save this sport

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I am glad that the U is willing to pay ungodly (to me) sums of money to attract and keep good coaches. That also puts high expectations on those coaches at all times. Welcome to the grind Coach Bumphis!

P.S. Sancho is right, that college football is losing some luster when $$$ is all that matters, but I don’t know how they are going to slow down, let alone stop, that massive money train.

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Seems he has a lot of support from some pretty impressive people

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One thing KW has done very carefully is cultivate the culture within the program. If Bumphis was here before as a GA, it’s plug and play, no surprises, look for recruiting to pick up for our WRs.

It will be interesting to see where his recruiting territory will be. Dennis Erickson established a pipeline to FL - I think Bumphis will help keep that open & let us start to recruit the SE with greater consistency.

Thank you Coach Erickson
Thank you Ty Huntley & Zack Moss

Welcome Coach Bumphis!

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To get to Utah from MSU as a grad asst in 2018 is sort of unusual. Wonder if he got a recommendation from Dan Mullen.

Just listened to coach Bumphis interview on the Uboyz podcast. When he first applied for the Utah graduate assistant opening (acouple years ago) he called Coach Mullin, who then said that Brian Johnson was standing right next to him and Brian would reach out to Whitingham about the position. Whit call Bumphis 10 minutes later for an interview. Coaching is such a small world. Glad to see that Whit and Brian are on that close of terms still. Bumphis is definitely high energy and will be a great addition to the staff.


Whit is a straight up guy, a great human being. It’s how he can be as demanding as Meyer on the field, but have compassion and a ton of good will off the field.


He is a good combination of Meyer and Mac.

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For many years KW was the home teacher for my in-laws close friends. My in-laws heard many many stories about KW’s kindness. When their friend died , he wanted a KW autographed football in his coffin. Done.


When Whit finally retires we’re going to realize how great he was. He is the football program’s Majerus.


But without the…oddities.

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how many games in til we hear


I was just wondering if he was going to bring his dogs.

That’s the name of the WR. group. Bumphis’s dogs.