New throwback unis for this week 🔥

I wish they would bust these helmets out. Not sure it was a real throwback. I love helmets like FAU that use the State shape on them:


AFAIK they are recreations of the 1964 unis.

Ah. I just think the state shape on a helmet is always solid old school look. Here is the FAU I like

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Looks an awful lot like Ohio State. I know they are throwbacks, but might take some time for me to like them.

More photos released.


No black = good look. I hope they realize that bi-color uni’s are the best uni’s for us.

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I like the trad look more than some of the more abstract ensembles these days

Oh man. You’re right. It does look like The Buckeyes.

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Dang, I didn’t realize the pants were grey. That’s a mistake. They would look better white.

They even painted the old-timey ear holes on there.

Don’t forget the nicks and dings on the helmet they painted on.