New QB transfer

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Just saw that. So, we’d have three 4* QBs in the same class.

Also wonder what Costelli this about the latest transfer.

I just hope that one of these guys pans out and is an effective QB for a power5 team. I don’t expect Trevor Lawrence level of play but I’d really like a QB that can throw the ball with some consistency.


We’ll see how things go with these QBs.

The QB position at the P5 level is hazardous.

Does anyone think “Zach Wilson” would be mentioned in the same sentence as “Heisman” if he played in the PAC? Of course not. He’s a pretty good QB, but the PAC is full of all-everything QBs who struggled against defenses with talent, and defensive coordinators who know how to make a good QB look like a fool.

Matt Fink at USC last year was a 5 star… until he got supplanted by JT Daniels, and then (the now noodle-armed) Kedon Slovis. But Fink showed up against us, showed a seriously nice arm.

Stanford always has some wunderkind QB who we typically make look pretty damn average. Their QB Mills was doing a Bentley impersonation vs UCLA last night, with a Pick 6 on a “why didn’t he see that guy?” play, but Stanford won the game in 2 OT, in large part because of Mills getting the ball to Fehoko.

All this makes what Ty Huntley accomplish over his 4 years pretty damn remarkable, even when he was throwing 4 picks and being thrown around like a rag doll.

I was impressed by the potential Rising showed.

Let’s see how everything works out.


When Whit was asked about only having Costello available for next spring’s practices (assuming Bentley moves on), he sure acted like something was up. I don’t remember his exact words but he made it sound like he wasn’t worried about only having Costello for spring practices.

So Rising, Costelli, and Jackson will compete for the job? That seems like good news for us. Will they transfer again if they don’t get it?

This new transfer era in football is as dumb as I thought it would be.

The one-time option to transfer and play immediately will be pretty crazy.

After that, having to sit out a year will temper the transfer-itis, I think.


Even before the pandemic, though, the NCAA had started handing out waiver transfers like candy on halloween. We are now in a spot where any big recruit who doesn’t start as a freshman is a transfer risk.

We now have three 4-star recruits at QB. Two of them have transfered once. Does anyone think all three of these guys finish their college career at Utah?

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That’s not likely to happen.

NCAA is supposed to vote in January on allowing one transfer without penalty in all sports.

I pulled this from a thread on Bentley (Bentley Does Not Suck), but it belongs here.

Given that Utah now has a commitment from Texas transfer, true freshman 4* QB Ja’Quinden Jackson, I don’t think Jake Bentley will return and I don’t think Drew Lisk will return. In the post game program on ESPN700, Scott Mitchell made a big push with Drew to return.

Next season, Utah will have:

Cam Rising, 4* transfer from Texas, RS Sophomore
Ja’Quinden Jackson, 4* transfer from Texas, Freshman
Peter Costelli, 4* HS recruit from California, true Freshman
Cooper Justice, 2* or 3*, from Lake Oswego, OR, Freshman
Bryson Barnes, NR, from Milford, UT, walk-on Freshman

Cam Rising suffered a shoulder injury, one that was determined to not be as bad as feared (thanks Ma-ake for an update on that). Peter Costelli needs time to adjust, while who knows, he could be the guy. Ja’Quinden Jackson we don’t know. The other two, not sure their level of progress or capabilities. None of them are tested, Rising only took 14 plays before being injured, while several have some knowledge of Utah’s offense schemes.

I posted the Utah QB line up, assuming Drew Lisk and Jake Bentley do not return, because it is packed with underclassmen. Just looking at the list, and I do think it important to have depth, but my fear is, my thinking is, something has to give. I thought when Utah was looking for a transfer QB, that person would be a junior or senior.

But that last thought begs an enormous question that I hope some of you will answer.

Looking at 4* rated transfers to Utah at QB, thinking among several others Tom Grady, Terrance Cain and Cooper Bateman, how have they panned out in your opinion?

Here is a SBNation/Block U article that looks at this same question up until 2015:

That’s what I meant - maybe not clear.

One time transfer, play immediately, no questions asked.

Complete free-agency with no costs will result in a lot of movement, especially in FB with the numbers and the risk of injury.

How the recruiting goes with this (hopefully one year) scenario will be interesting.

Sancho’s right about the waivers, too. (I guess the Tuttle situation helped up clear up some dumb hazing issues.)

What was that?

The rumor was Tuttle got an exemption to the one year wait requirement based on claims of hazing when he was here as a true-FR.

We are so mean.

Next season, Utah will have:

Charlie Brewer, 3* transfer from Baylor, four year starter, Senior.
Cam Rising, 4* transfer from Texas, RS Sophomore
Ja’Quinden Jackson, 4* transfer from Texas, Freshman
Peter Costelli, 4* HS recruit from California, true Freshman
Cooper Justice, 2* or 3*, from Lake Oswego, OR, Freshman
Bryson Barnes, NR, from Milford, UT, walk-on Freshman

Committed in November 2020 to Utah for the Class of 2022:

JP Zamora, 3* QB, projected to be the best QB in 2022 from the state of Washington.

Stuff on Brewer:

All about Charlie Brewer, in a video that sounds like it was done by someone who thinks very highly of him–so highly that he loses credibility.

What I love about Brewer is his experience and age. Although, that’s also what I liked about Bentley.

We need to get our pass protection figured out. Any QB we bring in is going to get rattled and thrown off their game. I watched Brewer’s highlights at Baylor and most of them he has all day to throw. I doubt anyone can put together a highlight reel longer than four plays the last two seasons where our QB has had all day to throw.

I hope we give the job to Rising, Costelli, or Jackson. If you give it to Brewer, the freshmen will transfer. And then we’ll be in the same situation of needing to bring in a senior transfer again the following year. That’s how college football works now. Give it to one of the freshmen.