New Football Commit

Welcome John Gentry, a RB out of Houston.

He was an Arkansas commit, but decommitted when there was a coaching change.

I know there might be a little drop off at RB when Moss leaves after this year but i am way pumped excited about the RB’s we have next year!

I don’t pay attention to this stuff (recruiting) but are we still recruiting heavily/well in Florida? Or did that drop off when Erickson left?

It will be interesting to see how the four star running back they didn’t take performs compared to Gentry.

As far as Florida, they had a QB from there committed they just parted ways with.

Apparently Utah only has room for one RB recruit. And they wanted Gentry vs. the other 4* guy (Hubbard I think). So yeah.


5 of our 6 hard recruits are from TX. That’s interesting…

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Yes, if you look at the returning backs it is a crowded room, so the feeling was to only take one back. (to replace Moss). Utah has been focused on Hubbard until Gentry appeared to be open to decommitting from Arkansas. There was speculation Hubbard may commit on his trip last week, which may have pushed Gentry to pull the trigger. That is just one piece of a fast moving recruiting picture that is changing almost daily.

To be fair, pretty much every recruit from Texas has had a big impact at Utah.

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