New Defensive Secondary

JaTravis Broughton looks to be as good of a run stopping CB as I’ve seen at the U, really solid. Washington keeps testing that side…not working for them.

We’re playing a lot of 4-3, UW trying to run it. Sione Fotu is a great looking LB.

Platooning Marks and Phillips at one CB, UW may open it up, CP could go to NB.

Solid so far.


I told you guys about Zemaiah Vaughn!

He’s a little light but has Morgan Scalley’s gem finder marks all over him.

Give that kid a Scholarship!


I hope we get an update on the green vest guy on he sideline that got wiped out. He may have two broken legs the way he was reacting.

I hope he’s just hurting real bad.

It’s cold up there, just standing around? - no bueno.

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