New Commit- 6'6" Under-the-Radar Lefty QB from Oregon

Looks like he has a lot of potential and worth taking a risk on.

His profile reminds me of Travis Wilson. I hope he throws the ball overhand.


He’s a lefty and does have an arm – and he throws overhand. :wink: If this video is representative, he also moves pretty well in the pocket for a 6’6" guy and can throw the ball on the run.


It’s hard to knock down or tip a pass thrown by a guy that tall throwing overhand.

That said, a smaller guy who can make space and invent throw angles to get the ball downfield is a dangerous tool, too.

Paging Patrick Mahomes.

He has an arm, can scramble, breaks one-arm tackles, finds open guys, even on the run. I don’t know how to evaluate his throwing motion. He was lightly recruited, from a posh part of Oregon, Lake Oswego, south of Portland. Tall kid, who has a good frame. Considered a Top 30 or so state of Oregon recruit.

Not sure when he began to grow. I’m 6’4" and I did not begin to grow until late in my Sophomore year. My coordination did not follow, really until I was a Senior. So he could very well be coming into his own.

Andy Ludwig recruited him, I believe. He sees something, potential, for the system he wants to install at Utah. I wonder, but do not know, if Cooper is a preferred walk-on. His recruitment has been under the radar for months, I learned about it before the signing period. Utah has lost a few underclassmen to the draft, so some scholarships may have opened up. Competition is good. Utah finally has an OC who can teach and coach up QBs. Who knows how good Travis Wilson could have been in college if he had a good and continuous mentor.


According to the article he’s a late bloomer who did not get serious about football until his senior year (has D1 baseball scholarship offers and is a pitcher, so that explains his throwing arm strength). I agree with you about Ludwig’s ability to see and develop talent.


Scholarship or PWO?

The article says only that he “committed to the Utes while on an official visit over the weekend.” Do preferred walk-ons have official visits and make commitments? I honestly don’t know because I usually don’t pay much attention to recruiting.

Here’s another article. It does feel like he’s been offered a scholarship:

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What’s the difference between a Walk-on and a Preferred Walk-on?

I’ll take a stab at this one, looking to the knowledgeable for correction. A walk-on is just that, try out, may never get a scholarship. Not promised either. A preferred walk-on is promised a scholarship. Just a matter of timing.

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FWIW, this was in the comments section of the article.

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UteScootinBoogie said… (original post)

Awesome! Question on initials for this year.

This leaves us with two more initials TOTAL for this year to spread between tanuvasa, the corner kid From Texas (who’s name escapes me) that tripped with them this weekend, and any potential transfers right?

So if the other two kids from this weekend commit we will not be able to get any transfers this year?

Justice has a scholarship offer but he will not take an initial in this class, and Tanuvasa is a sign & send.

Pardon my dumbness. What is an “initial” in this context?

I have no idea; was hoping someone else knew what they were talking about.

NCAA limits football teams to 25 initials (scholarships) per year. This is a sub limit to the I believe 85 per team. If teams do not manage their initials they will end up short on their total (and it is hard to make holes up except now the transfer portal may help this).

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If I remember correctly, the PWO must make the team. So they’re essentially promised a Scholarship as long as they make the cut (which plays into what you’re saying about timing).

So do we know if this guy has a scholarship, or not?

I don’t. Perhaps we’ll find out in a few weeks.

They are guaranteed to make the team, but not guaranteed a scholarship. It basically means that they don’t have to go through try-outs to be a walk-on on the team.

Ah, that’s what it is. I knew my memory was foggy on that.


Didn’t even know Georgetown has a football team.