New category? Jokes/funny

Just curious, what if we had a category for daily jokes, cartoons, gifs, etc? I enjoy the funny jokes on here every now and then. Bring back gif Tuesday! j/k

Good idea, you’ve got it. Up now.

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How about a music/concert category too.
Seems like there’s a lot of people here that are highly invested in those subjects

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I’d use the movies and entertainment category. Maybe it should be renamed entertainment.

For the record - and I know this will hurt some feelings - I don’t consider KISS entertainment…

I felt that way until I first saw them live. Kiss is nothing but entertaining live. They know how to entertain.

I would rather be staked to an ant hill.
I hope Gene Simmons falls into a black hole.
But millions’ love them…
When they represented the US at the SLC olympics I almost had a stroke.

It’s a pleasure to meet you MV.
Been around forever. I know you’re a legend.

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