New board, who dis?

I was told this place has resurrected itself so to speak? Those that don’t know me I used to post on this site quite a bit back in the day. It was the place to be and I remember on the day we got invited to the Pac 12 I was living in the chat room 24/7 WHILE my dear sweet wife was giving birth to my son and he was born 20 minutes after the announcement was official. He waited like a good boy to be born under the power conference covenant.

At at any rate I eventually made my way to twitter and that’s where my fandom resides although I did find myself missing this board. There were a few guys I was hoping would make their way to twitter but never did. My man JHill… he still around? What about ole Loyter? Anyway thought Id check back in and start posting here again more once football rolls around. Go Utes!

Welcome Back. Haven’t seen JHill, but that doesn’t mean anything. Loyter, IIRC comes around and has fun.


Long time, no see! Good to have you back - bring some of your twitter goodness here. jhill jumped a while back being tired of the politics on the board. Loyter is still around. Spread the word that we’ve pushed the politics to donor and opt-in only for those who were off-put by that in the past. Also, in my most humble opinion, the new platform is light years ahead of where we were and better than any other other Ute forum out there right now. It’s a great place to be.


And some of us who were active in the politics previously, like myself, have sworn it off for the new board. BTW, I don’t care for the Twitter for this purpose, 1) because I type much faster on computer than phone and 2) I can’t express myself in a fixed number of characters. If brevity is the soul of wit, then call me a nitwit (not literally, that would be hurtful).

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Welcome back. Hope all is well with you and your family. I have to agree with Rocker about the new board. It does work better. Hope to see you posting and not lurking. Lurking will get you this…

BTW, speaking of that, I perused UteHub earlier today for the first time in a long time. There is some decent bball chatter there but it’s hard to find due to the format. It would be nice to get that over here. Since bball talk seems few and far between, some consolidation wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. (Not that I want to spark any unnecessary rivalrous(sp?) animosity.

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Amen to what everyone else has said! I’m also an old-timer here who has returned. I think you’ll like it here.

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Welcome back!

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I had lurked forever and remember you well. Welcome back!
Go Utes.


Another old-timer here. I browse here and utehub. Definitely like the new setup here. We’ll see about everything else.

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I think Utehub is great and filled an important need at a critical time, it would be nice to have those guys come over here, but that isn’t really my place to make that request - and like you I don’t feel nor do I want to spark any kind of rivalry - I just want to have as much centralized great Ute chatter as possible. My guess is that other than a handful of diehards on either platform that generally people will eventually migrate to one or the other. I’m obviously biased, but I think here has a lot more potential upside tech-wise.

That’s a long way to say, if people want to encourage others to come join us I feel like that is up to you. I know I wouldn’t be fond of people trying to draw people away from here either, though.

Besides, we have ways of dealing with traitors. :wink:

Agreed on all points.